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What not to miss from BBDO’s lineup of events at Adfest 2024

BANGKOK, THAILAND — Get ready to spark your creativity and innovation at this year’s ADFEST, once again bringing together some of the biggest names in advertising and marketing to share their insights on the latest industry trends and best practices. Among the various exciting events planned from March 21 onwards include a workshop on “Collide. Embracing Conflict To Boost Creativity” given by BBDO Singapore’s Guan Hin Tay and a keynote discussion on the topic of “Human-AI Collab: Cultivating Emotional Intelligence in the Digital Landscape” given by BBDO India’s Josy Paul, and Guan Hin Tay.

Collide. Embracing conflict to boost creativity

Kickstart your March 22 with a burst of inspiration from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall (PEACH). Join Guan Hin Tay, the creative chairman of BBDO Singapore, as he journeys through the world of creative conflict with insights from his latest book, one of Amazon’s best-selling books in less than 24 hours, Collide: Embracing Conflict to Boost Creativity. The workshop will explore how embracing conflict can be a powerful catalyst for creativity, offering practical frameworks for ideation that lead to groundbreaking innovations.

The workshop is limited, so interested attendees are advised to register as soon as possible to secure their spot.


To register for the workshop, please click here 

Human-AI collab: Cultivating emotional intelligence in the digital landscape

Continue your day with an engaging discussion between Josy and Guan Hin Tay from 3:40 PM to 4:15 PM at the Conference Hall. This unique session will explore the dynamic relationship between human creativity and AI, highlighting the importance of emotional intelligence in the digital era. Generative AI can be a powerful tool for boosting our creativity while offering new possibilities for the execution of ideas. Every technological revolution comes with its set of obstacles. The key is not to shy away from these challenges but to adapt, evolve, and find ways to turn them into opportunities. This talk is designed to inspire and guide attendees toward leveraging the collaborative power of human-AI interaction in the creative process. Plus, attendees can look forward to something extra that’s sure to add to the experience.

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