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Insight: New language study reveals funniest gaming fans, and happiest communities

LONDON, UK – LOL! Haha! LMAO! Jaja! These are just some of the words used to represent laughter and joy. New research from took 38 of the most popular words that represent laughter to reveal which video games communities have the funniest fans.

Playing World of Warcraft Is The Key To Happiness

In the past year, the 10 most popular games sub-reddits have posted over two million comments. Fans of World of Warcraft will be happy to hear that they rank first for being the most humorous. The 2.1 million gamers in the community make on average 40 LOLs per 100 comments! Coming in second and third place are League of Legends and Sims players who have make 34 and 26 LOLs per 100 comments.

GameNo. of FansNo. of CommentsNo. of LOLsLOLs per 100 Comments
World of Warcraft2,111,0001475005897940
League of Legends5,098,00035930012196034
The Sims403,000506001298826
Red Dead Redemption815,0001070001933218
Call Of Duty504,0009040064207

Coming bottom is the very serious Call of Duty fans, who only make 7 LOLs per 100 comments.

Console Gamers Are 3x Funnier Than PC Gamers

It’s official! Console gamers are funnier than their PC counterparts. In fact console gamers who amount to a massive 5.3 million fans make 31 LOLs per 100 comments, 3x the rate of PC gamers.

Console vs PC GamersNo. of FansNo. of CommentsNo. of LOLsLOLs per 100 Comments

Console gamers combined the metrics of the 3 communities below.

Xbox Gamers Laugh More Than PlayStation and Nintendo Fans

Separating out the consoles communities, the data reveals that Xbox gamers are the funniest. The make 34 LOLs per 100 comments, versus PlayStation fans who make 30 LOLs and Nintendo gamers who only make 22 LOLs.

ConsoleNo. of FansNo. of CommentsNo. of LOLsLOLs per 100 Comments


Methodology used IGN’s top video games to create a shortlist of top gaming communities, selecting the top sub-reddit communities on number of fans and engagement. The biggest and most active sub-reddit was chosen for each franchise.

The study then looked at the most commonly used “laughter” words on Reddit using Puddings Cool Laughing On Line research and calculated how many these words were used on each subreddit in the last 12 months.

The analysis does not include emojis.

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