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Insight: YouTube shows momentous growth, reaches more than 45 million adult viewers in the Philippines

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — YouTube shows year-on-year growth in the Philippines across the board including reach, watch time, creators, and content uploads. 

The video platform has now reached more than 45 million viewers in the Philippines aged 18+ as Filipinos continue to turn to YouTube for important content such as information, entertainment, and how-to videos among others. 

YouTube also saw a more than 25% rise in watch time from April 2020 to April 2021, while total hours of content uploaded to YouTube by channels in the Philippines grew more than four times between 2020 and 2019. 


Filipino viewers always use YouTube to connect with their passion points. Recipe videos grew by more than 50% in watch time during the first quarter of 2021 compared to the same time last year. More people have been indulging in self-care as watch time for skincare videos jumped by more than 80% in the same period and interestingly, that for shampoo videos more than doubled. Continuing to seek entertainment to cope with the prolonged isolation periods, watch time for role-playing game (RPG) videos grew by more than 80% while that for drama television series grew by more than 70% in the same period.

The local creator community flourishes too. As of June 2021, over 3,000 channels have more than 100,000 subscribers, over 250 channels have more than one million subscribers, and 12 channels have more than 10 million subscribers. 

“In the second year of the pandemic, more Filipinos turned to YouTube to use content that can help them with their everyday life. YouTube’s reach, creators, content uploads, and watchtime increased phenomenally and this ecosystem growth unlocked great possibilities for brands to drive results at scale, and deliver a fulfilling experience for viewers,” said Gabby Roxas, Marketing Head, Google Philippines. 

YouTube is effective in attaining desired brand and business results. It is a platform where brands, creative agencies and marketers, and creators can build content that deeply resonates with audiences while delivering impactful results even at a time of big change in consumer behaviors. YouTube’s sponsorable activities like Super Stream, Music Night, and FanFest among others allow brands like Unilever to engage consumers effectively. 

“Marketing in a connected world opens new opportunities for brands to connect deeper with people, and YouTube is an effective platform to do that. Through YouTube, we were able to tell our brand stories in an unmissable way, standing up in the frontline of culture to engage today’s attention-restricted audience,” said Dennis Perez, Media Director, Unilever Philippines.

“YouTube empowers brands to push the boundaries of creative storytelling that delivers results and I’ve seen this with the finalists of the inaugural YouTube Works awards. They used YouTube and its content creators in a powerful way, resulting in key achievements in awareness, engagement and action. I’m excited to see what brands and agencies will come up with and submit in the next run of YouTube Works,” said Leigh Reyes, Jury Head, YouTube Works; President, IMMAP; C3PO (Chair 3meritus and Product Officer), MullenLowe TREYNA.

For more information, visit the YouTube Brandcast website. 

This year, YouTube launched free workshops and skilling programs such as Digiskarteng Pinay, Creator Day: Education, and Creator Day: Gaming to aid in economic recovery and help women, teachers and creators succeed using YouTube and its content. 

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