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Music: Geometry Encompass collaborates with Ankur Tewari and Clinton Cerejo to create anthem of unity

SHANGHAI, CHINA – India’s largest creative commerce agency Geometry Encompass collaborated with singer and songwriter Ankur Tewari and music director Clinton Cerejo to co-create a song entitled “We Got This,” an anthem of unity.

Roshan Abbas, founder and managing director of Geometry Encompass originally thought of the idea as a fun way to engage with the team and invited everyone to share their thoughts and experiences during the lockdown.

“We are faced with an unprecedented situation and therefore it is imperative to work together as a team and combat the crisis,” Abbas said. “The whole idea behind this composition was to capture the spirit of hope and resilience during these difficult times and boost the morale of our employees. I can’t thank Ankur and Clinton enough for being part of this creative collaboration.”





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