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NuWorks launches own generative AI Solution to streamline ideation, insight-gathering and more

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the workplace is on the rise, with advertising practitioners using free AI platforms such as ChatGPT and Google Bard to help with task completion. While this may seem like a harmless practice that can unlock new levels of productivity, there are potential risks such as the possibility of misinformation and data leakage.

This is why Independent Digital & Innovations agency NuWorks has successfully developed NuWorks A.I., its own generative AI platform that generates ideas, insights, and other text-based content in seconds. ”Innovation has always been in our DNA. We’ve always been agile and leading the change in the ever-changing marketing landscape,” said Jeff Saez, Chairman and President of NuWorks.

Jeff continued, “With NuWorks A.I., we want to maximize the power of Artificial Intelligence to create ‘eciencies’ and augment the thinking of our creative talent force, so we can deliver our services better and faster, and our talent can focus their time on the more meaningful part of the work.”


The solution is a self-hosted large language model (LLM) that manages data privacy risks such as third-party hacking and ownership of confidential information, while giving the organization full control and flexibility on how we can further customize the platform in order to maintain the quality and effectiveness of their work.

”Technology should not supersede human judgment,” according to Pat Saez, Managing Director of NuWorks. “Our mission is to provide ‘STORYTECHING SOLUTIONS’ using Creativity, Data, and Technology. The human element is necessary in capturing the nuances of emotions, the heart of the audience, and the beauty of storytelling even when using A.I.” NuWorks calls this CREATIVE CUSTODIANSHIP.

Bianong Labiano, Executive Creative Director of NuWorks, said: “AI should be used as a co-creation tool insofar as it is used in ways that are effective and ethical.” It is this co-creation loop that fuses secure, NuWorks-engineered technology with human intervention and insights to deliver effective marketing and advertising solutions.

NuWorks A.I. can be used by Account Managers to streamline the campaign planning process. Account Managers rely on standardized milestones during project planning and with the platform, they are able to improve facilitation and project management, saving time and contributing to more precise and coordinated project executions.

Moreover, creatives produce social media content plans on a monthly basis. With NuWorks A.I., key messages can easily be plotted out and organized, reallocating time towards social post ideation and execution based on client’s activated platforms and priority products.

To avoid security risks and vulnerabilities that can possibly be introduced during the development phase of website projects, it is essential that code-level security analysis is performed before launch. NuWorks A.I. helps speed up and improve the code review process as developers can now audit their own work using the tool.

“We should be using A.I. to solve real problems as its real impact comes from its practical use,” said Arvs Lat, Chief Technology Officer at NuWorks. NuWorks continues to be the brave agency that is embracing the way of the future, while maintaining its mission of creating meaningful human experiences.

Looking for an agency that can help you navigate the world of A.I.? Reach out to NuWorks’ team of experts now. https://nuworks.ph

This article was written with the help of NuWorks A.I.

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