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Technology: OZY Predicting the Future of Healthcare with Podcast Series “The Future of X: Health”

CALIFORNIA, USA — This is the year 2069. Welcome to the future.

Find yourself as the image of health. You’re not just a doctor who saves lives—you’re a “transhuman” with your own bionic arm and a digital tattoo that monitors your health, or your parents’ health.

The future in healthcare is unveiled in the first season of OZY’s podcast, “The Future of X.” Hosted by Carlos Watson, OZY co-founder and CEO, the podcast jumps 50 years into the future to explore a world that’s both tantalizing and terrifying, and features a spectrum of topics ranging from the future of cities to the future of human sex.  


The first season opens with a series that discusses healthcare in 50 years. In partnership with Providence St. Joseph Health, this five-part series called “The Future of X: Health” will discuss the future of health along with the increasing impact of technology. 
The series imagines a world where hospitals are non-existent because we’re the cure to our own diseases. Cancer will become a mere inconvenience while loneliness will become incurable.
OZY is a media organization built for the Change Generation, people who challenge the status quo and challenge conventions. It is an online platform that makes the inquisitive see the world in a wider perspective through a non-traditional news culture. As one of their fans described it, “OZY is what cool people read to be smart and smart people read to be cool.”
For more information on “The Future of X” podcast, check out their page here

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