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ADFEST 2019: D&AD Returns to Thailand for Adfest to Host “Stimulation Not Recreation” Workshop by Paul Drake, Director of D&AD London

ADFEST is delighted to confirm that D&AD is returning to Thailand to host a not-to-be-missed workshop called ‘Stimulation Not Replication’ at ADFEST 2019, which runs from 20th to 23rd March.

“We have been collaborating with D&AD annually since 2013, and they are now one of our most popular events. ADFEST and D&AD share many of the same fundamental principals. Both organizations are committed to supporting creative excellence, and both are passionate about nurturing emerging talent. If you are looking to elevate your creative skills, I encourage you to attend this year’s workshop,” says Jimmy Lam, President of ADFEST.

The D&AD Workshop is titled ‘Simulation not Replication’ and will be presented by Paul Drake, Director of D&AD in London. It is suitable for anyone working in the creative industries, irrespective of role.


“The workshop will be highly interactive with the goal of giving attendees the chance to reflect on some of the themes and trends influencing the work our industry is producing. In doing so, I hope to stimulate new thinking and inspire people to keep pushing through creative barriers,” explains Drake, who sits at the forefront of understanding the shifts that are taking place within the creative industries, technology and culture. As Director of D&AD, Drake embeds these insights into learning programmes for people at every stage of their education and career, and is now bringing these insights to ADFEST 2019.

Prior to joining D&AD, he held senior positions at the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, ECORYS and was an advisor to the UK Government’s Growth Review.

The ‘Stimulation Not Replication’ workshop takes place on Friday 22nd March from 2:30pm to 4pm. It’s open free-of-charge to delegates of ADFEST 2019, but with space for only 35 people, pre-registration is essential. To register, please click here and complete the online registration form.

Established in London in 1962, D&AD exists to stimulate, enable and award creative excellence in design and advertising. ADFEST is Asia’s most celebrated regional creative festival. Founded in 1998, it is committed to raising the standard of creative excellence in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions, while celebrating the uniqueness of local cultures.

To purchase tickets to ADFEST 2019, which takes place at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group in Pattaya, Thailand from 20th to 23rd March, visit www.ADFEST.com

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