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TikTok enhances creativity and entertainment in ads with TikTok One and Symphony

SINGAPORE — From “Tube Girl” to “#BookTok,” TikTok has emerged as a global entertainment platform where over 1 billion people come to enjoy content that surprises, informs, educates and entertains them.

Over the past four years, advertisers have proven to be core to the TikTok experience and propelled their brands into the center of culture and entertainment by listening and being a part of the TikTok community.

At the fourth annual TikTok World Product Summit, the platform introduced new business solutions to help brands chart new territories on TikTok with a new suite of Creative AI tools, Performance and Measurement solutions, and enhancements to high impact branding placements.


TikTok has given brands the opportunity to be at the forefront of culture and to connect with audiences that are fully engaged and sound-on, in ways they can’t anywhere else.

With the addition, TikTok is continuing to innovate their advertising products to deliver the best experience to brand and marketers across the industry.

“TikTok is entertainment that drives impact. With an audience of over 1 billion users, TikTok offers brands an opportunity to be innovative storytellers and connect with their communities in unique and creative ways,” said Sofia Hernandez, Global Head of Business Marketing at TikTok. “We are thrilled to welcome advertisers to our 4th annual TikTok World to showcase our commitment to building innovative, industry-leading solutions that allow them to participate in the magic of TikTok.”

Return on Creative

When brands lean into TikTok-first content that strikes a chord and resonates with their community, it captures attention and drives engagement. Research has proven that creating TikTok-first ads boosts purchase intent by +37% and brand favorability by +38% and 79% of TikTok users show a preference for brands that demonstrate a clear understanding of how to create content specifically for the platform.

To help brands streamline and scale the creative process, two new solutions were made:

  • TikTok One: A centralized destination for marketers to access our creative tools. Brands will be able to tap into this one-stop-shop to access TikTok creators, production partners, and insights, including TikTok Creator Marketplace and TikTok Creative Challenge. With TikTok One, advertisers will be able to access nearly 2 million creators, discover top agency partners and leverage our creative tools to implement and scale successful TikTok campaigns — all with a single log-in.
  • TikTok Symphony: The new Creative AI suite that blends human imagination with AI-powered efficiency to help marketers scale content development, creativity, and productivity on TikTok. With Symphony, everything from writing a script to producing a video and optimizing assets is simple and efficient — fueling real results with a new paradigm of creativity. The new suite will help brands scale by supercharging productivity and empower creative that breaks through.

Where entertainment and discovery meets performance

People come to TikTok to learn new topics and discover products and trends, taking real action as a result of this experience. For example, 61% of users have made a purchase either directly on TikTok or after seeing an ad, 59% of users use TikTok to decide what game to download next, and 52% of users even research cars because of TikTok content they have seen.

To help advertisers meet users wherever they are on their purchase journey, and turn discovery into measureable action, TikTok has automated measurement solutions:

  • Performance Automation: Through predictive AI and machine learning, new performance solutions maximize business outcomes for advertisers, whether that’s driving more sales, leads, or app installs. Advertisers will be able to input the necessary assets, budget, and goals and TikTok’s predictive automation solutions will select the best creative asset, choose the right audience, and put the best ad in front of the right customer at the right time, based on the advertiser’s objectives.
  • TikTok Shop Marketing Automation: Our new TikTok Shop marketing optimization solution will help automate bidding, budgeting, ad management, and creative for TikTok Shop products, while also considering the most important merchant costs — affiliate payouts, ad spend, and platform fees — to help optimize Shop merchant’s total return on investment.
  • Unified Lift: A new tool that measures the performance of TikTok campaigns across the entire decision journey, empowering advertisers to confidently maximize the results of their investments on TikTok. Unified Lift combines the power of Brand Lift Studies and Conversion Lift Studies to give businesses a comprehensive view of their total TikTok campaigns’ impact.

Building entertaining brand moments

With a highly engaged global community on TikTok, brands have an enormous opportunity to create a memorable and entertaining experience for their communities. To help tap into the full entertainment experience and engage with their audiences, two new elements encourage brand interaction:

  • Interactive Add-Ons for TopView: Adding Interactive Add-Ons for TopView, this will allow advertisers to add pop-out elements and countdown stickers to boost brand engagement and encourage interaction.
  • Duet with Branded Mission: Enabling brands to tap further into the TikTok community’s native behaviors, Duet with Branded Mission enables brands to invite TikTok creators to Duet with their Branded Mission videos to help increase engagement and participation from audiences across the platform.

Fueling the TikTok Advertising Ecosystem

To help brands find the right partner to fuel their TikTok campaigns, the platform has released TikTok Media Buying Certification program, a global certification that empowers digital marketers to prove and showcase their skills in TikTok advertising and strengthens the network of trusted TikTok partners for advertisers.

To simplify effective solutions, 7 million businesses look to TikTok to grow their business and connect with communities to create entertainment and drive impact.

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