Meet the writers and artists shaping the comic book industry

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — In the hunt to discover quality comic book reads, the best method is to find out who the authors are. Here’s a list of up-and-coming writers and artists who are about to go on a hot streak, why, and which books to find them in:

Daniel Warren Johnson

Bibliography: Wonder Woman: Dead Earth, Beta Ray Bill, Murder Falcon, and Do A Power Bomb!

Why him? He’s a writer and artist whose action and dramatic scenes pack kinetic and emotional wallops.


His hot new project: The Transformers reboot from Image.

Jed MacKay

Bibliography: Black Cat, Amazing Spider-Man, Moon Knight, and Doctor Strange.

Why him? His writing skillfully taps into 70 years of Marvel history, giving it a modern spin at the same time spotlighting what makes these characters appealing.

His hot new project: Currently working his magic on the new Avengers book, which is building up to a major event next year.

Philip Kennedy Johnson

Bibliography: Action Comics, Marvel Zombies Resurrection, and Incredible Hulk.

Why him? Philip is a versatile scripter who can orchestrate high drama from any genre whether it be the heroics of Superman or the horror of the Hulk.

His hot new project: Green Lantern: War Journal featuring John Stewart and his struggle to retire from the GL Corps when a new galactic horror threatens the universe.

Dan Mora

Bibliography: Klaus, Once and Future, and World’s Finest.

Why him? If his iconic take on heroes like Superman and Batman and his thrilling storytelling as seen in World’s Finest weren’t enough, Dan draws so fast that he’s currently doing two titles at the same time which is unprecedented for most artists these days

His hot new project: That title is SHAZAM!, which is a collaboration between him and his World’s Finest writer Mark Waid.

Dan Watters

Bibliography: Sword of Azrael, Lucifer, Arkham City: The Order of the World, and Action Comics Presents Doomsday.

Why him? Dan has a knack for making long-standing amoral characters like Lucifer and Azrael compelling by giving them previously undiscovered layers in his scripts that feel true to the core of these anti-heroes and villains, rather than forced upon them.

His hot new project: He just made his Marvel debut with a new Loki mini-series which further cements the Trickster’s new LGBTQ status as their past returns to haunt them.

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