The Secret Invasion plot twists that we’re eager to see in the Disney+ show

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The Secret Invasion has landed on Disney+! The latest Marvel series is based on the event comic where the shape-changing Skrulls take over the world incognito by replacing key figures in the Marvel Universe.

The comic can help clue in fans on what they can expect from the show. Check it out: 

They were Skrulls all along!

In the comic by Brian Michael Bendis and Leinil Francis Yu, major characters are revealed to be Skrulls. Our heroes aren’t sure who to trust. In the first episode alone, we see a character that we’re all familiar with, revealed to be one of the green aliens. 


No one Is safe

And also in that same episode, a long-running MCU character is surprisingly killed. The comic does a similar thing, to emphasize just how severe the stakes are. Although death is seen as a revolving door in the comics (only Uncle Ben and Gwen Stacy have stayed dead in the Marvel Universe), the focus is on how these people die rather than the death itself and how it affects the conflict. It heightens that sense of suspense for the story. 

Back from dead

Some long-deceased characters return due to the revelation that they were replaced and imprisoned. The same thing could happen in the show. Though it would be quite a stretch for Iron Man or Black Widow to be alive again (it would take away any meaning from their deaths and the actors have said they’re not coming back) that doesn’t preclude supporting characters like Alexander Pierce, Jasper Sitwell, and Quicksilver from returning! 

Nick Fury assemble the next generation of heroes

In the comic, Fury gathers the Secret Warriors, a group of young people with ties to long-standing characters, to fight the Skrulls. In the show he could gather the Young Avengers instead. Which would make sense since these characters (Kate Bishop Hawkeye, Tommy and Billy Maximoff, America, and Elijah Bradley) have already started making appearances throughout the MCU! 

A game-changing ending

At the end of the comic, a major villain is seen as a hero and entrusted with the world’s security, much to the dismay of the Avengers. There have been MCU rumors that General Thunderbolt Ross (who wants super heroes under control) will become the next President of the United States. Could the show lead to this game-changer? Stay tuned… 

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