eSports: The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship begins in Singapore

SINGAPORE — The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship went live in Singapore. In the tournament, sixteen teams will be competing offline for a combined prize pool of USD 800,000 and the coveted championship title.

Held at Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre, the offline event is the first esports tournament to feature a live audience. The event will open up to the public from 17 – 19 December, seating up to 178 people.


eSports fans can win rewards by purchasing tickets online. Attendees can score in-game items such as heroes, skins, emblems, and more. The pricing of the ticket varies by day, which can also be purchased on-site at the venue itself.

For overseas fans, catch the event on YouTube and follow Mobile Legends’ Tiktok for more M3 esports action.

Purchasing the M3 Battle Pass in-game can enable users to gain more rewards. Featuring the first-ever Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Prime skin, “Fiend Haunter” will feature a trail effect exclusive to Roger.

To purchase the battle pass, log into the game and get Roger’s M3 Exclusive Skin “Phantom Ranger” right away! Fans can also choose to upgrade their M3 Pass to get Roger’s Prime Skin, “Fiend Haunter,” and more awesome rewards. There will be more year-end in-game events as well, such as:

  • Winter Box Token: Happening between 12/11 – 12/13, a special skin is guaranteed within the first draw of the Winer Box Token
  • Lucky Star Of The Year: Happening between 12/11 – 12/18, get all MLBB heroes and skins
  • Nostalgia Event: Happening between 12/15 – 01/13, acquire free skins and an avatar border by participating
  • M3 Finals Carnival: Happening between 12/17 – 12/19, log in to get M3 Pass EXP and Team Star Protection
  • M3 Party Week: Happening between 12/20 – 01/02

The M3 skin trail effect and Roger figurine will be available at a later date. For more information on the international tournament, please refer to the following links: website, Facebook, and Youtube.

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