Events: Dentsumcgarrybowen Global President Merlee Jayme to tackle creativity in business at Lions LIVE


GLOBAL – “Will you really let a creative lead your business?” is one question top management of companies have asked at one point in time. Merlee Jayme, dentsumcgarrybowen’s newly minted global president, answers this in Cannes live on June 23, at 12:15-12:40 (BST).

The Cannes Future Gazers is a Lions live platform that will feature 15 diverse thinkers sharing their thought-provoking  perspectives for the future. Her talk, titled “Creativity is my business”, will tackle her belief that ‘growing up into this-new-not-so-creative-role’ makes her look at business in a different set of lens. 

Winning awards are great measures for brilliant work. Jayme has proven that in all the years she led her agencies in the past. Today, as agencies face this challenging year, business growth is the main focus of all industry heads.

Definitely, business solutions, POV’s, and decisions coming from a right brained are totally different from everyone else’s in the management team. But it’s the perfect time to encourage everyone to think differently and lead creatively. Because one thing’s for sure, in the midst of uncertainty, the need for creativity is stronger than ever. 

Through all the stages of fear and empathy during this pandemic lockdown, everyone yearns for diversion and inspiration. Find out how creativity will play the most important role in building brands as they try to bounce back to this new normal world.

The full LIONS Live programme will be available on the platform from 18 June 2020. See the programme and sign up to join LIONS Live here.

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