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Hyper Island APAC explores the future of work with renowned AI expert Dr. Vivienne Ming

MAKATI, PHILIPPINES — Creative business school Hyper Island APAC has successfully hosted the event titled “Building People for the Unknown at the Ayala Museum. The event featuring Dr. Vivienne Ming, a distinguished expert in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and the future of work, aimed to provide valuable insights into AI’s impact on industries and how organizations can effectively prepare for the evolving landscape.

Dr. Vivienne’s keynote presentation delved into redefining the human skills needed in the age of AI. More than hard skills, she emphasized how emotional intelligence, resilience, courage, perspective, and creativity are needed to explore the unknown. She talked about the importance of developing humans’ meta-learning skills or “learning how to learn,” and ultimately, why preparing people for the unknown is important for social stability.

“There is a growing chasm between the routine and the creative economy, and it will soon be very hard to cross that chasm. While knowledge is important, we moreso need a generation of creatives, explorers, and problem solvers – a generation that can do amazing things with amazing tools,” said Dr. Vivienne. “It is the craftsmen using the tools, and not the tools that allow us to solve the problems of the world.”


The simulcasted hybrid event drew participants from Europe and Asia, with face-to-face sessions taking place not only in the Philippines but also in Singapore and Vietnam. Dr. Vivienne, virtually calling in from New York, set the stage for panel discussions that followed in the participating locations. The localized discussion in the Philippines was moderated by Hyper Island APAC Managing Director Peachy Pacquing and featured thought leaders from key sectors highly anticipated to be impacted by AI, including BPOs, technology, and the creative industries.

These included Jack Madrid, CEO of IBPAP, Leah Besa-Jimenez, FVP and Chief Data Privacy Officer of PLDT, Donald Lim, Chief Innovation Officer of Udenna Corporation, and Angie Tijam-Tohid, Creative Guild President of 4As and Executive Creative Director of Havas Ortega Group.

They exchanged insights on AI’s impact on their industries, discussing challenges and opportunities. They discussed mitigating strategies, as well as evolving policies and moral responsibilities organizations have to consider as AI permeates all facets of work and life. The panelists echoed Dr. Vivienne’s insights on the importance of lifelong learning and focusing on the development of fundamentals while using AI as an amplifying tool as opposed to relying solely on it to solve problems.

The event seamlessly aligned with Hyper Island’s overarching purpose of building people for the unknown. “Hyper Island organized this global event to bring together key thought leaders and initiate the conversation on the impact of AI, so we can prepare for it and encourage everyone to act on it,” said Peachy.

Earlier this year, as part of its strategic efforts to expand its global operations in Asia, Hyper Island successfully launched its programs in the Philippines. The Hyper Island Institute of Higher Education, renowned as a creative business school with consultancy services, offers alternative learning experiences that challenge individuals and organizations to grow and stay competitive in an increasingly complex world in constant flux.

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