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Arcade Film Factory ventures into the production of Red Ollero’s Mabuhay is a Lie

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Production house Arcade Film Factory has entered a new level with its latest venture outside of advertising production: producing the comedy special of premiere Philippine comedian Red Ollero.

Entitled “Mabuhay is a Lie,” Red’s comedy special is slated for August 11 and 12 at Teatrino Greenhills, San Juan. The collaboration with Arcade Film Factory, SOLID OK, and Red has already sold out two shows on August 12, 4 pm and 8:30 pm, and have recently added a third show on August 11, 8:30 pm, to accommodate more fans.

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According to Marius Talampas, Co-founder and Director at Arcade Film Factory, who now leads the “Mabuhay is a Lie” project as a producer, Red was looking for producers who can help him mount his comedy special in a way that’s prepared for global streaming quality.

“He told us that this was a very important project for him,” said Marius. “Red reached out to me and proposed it to Arcade for production because I’m an actual fan of the stand-up comedy scene, and I actually go to their shows. Of course, as a company that has grown because of the trust of other people, we at Arcade wanted to help him because this also means helping the whole stand-up comedy scene in the Philippines. This is really the next step for them, making their shows available on global streaming platforms so that more people can enjoy their art form.”

“Co-producing Red’s show is a strategic decision that perfectly aligns with Arcade’s overarching vision for growth and expansion beyond advertising,” added JM Miranda, Head of New Business at Arcade Film Factory. “As we undergo a crucial transformation from a production house to a media and entertainment company, this collaboration is a significant milestone, allowing us to diversify our range of capabilities and services. It does not only enhance Arcade’s reputation as one of the leading production houses in the country but it opens up exciting opportunities for future ventures in the entertainment industry.”

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