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Nexplay enhances brand-influencer partnerships with launch of Kol-lab

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Content creators are the present and future of marketing, and to help both influencers and brands navigate this landscape is the newly launched Kol-labLast October 19, premiere entertainment organization Nexplay unveiled this new platform at a product launch event at Yes Please, BGC. 

At the event, Nexplay introduced Kol-lab to brands, content creators, partners, and more. The attendees were shown not just features of the new platform, which enables brands and creators to find their perfect collab match in each other and pursue seamless partnerships, but also what makes it necessary in today’s ever-evolving world of marketing. 

On top of the launch of the Kol-lab platform, Nexplay also announced that its creator business going forward will now be known as Kollab. Nexplay has been helping various brands across Southeast Asia to connect with influencers and content creators that will boost their sales. With its creator network and business now under Kollab and the launch of the Kol-lab platform, Nexplay is taking it up a notch. 


Nexplay Co-founder and CEO Gabriel Benito talked about the company’s humble beginnings as a small team back in 2018 and what a journey it has been to where it is now, with a vast creator network with 350 million followers. “We’ve come a long way, but I do think that this is just the beginning.”

On the launch of Kol-lab, Co-founder and COO Miguel Bernas said, “We think that the Kol-lab platform is a game-changer in terms of what it does for the industry. It really democratizes the creator marketplace and creator economy.” 

“Ultimately, since the beginning, our mission has always been serving the underserved, providing them tools to empower them in this very competitive environment,” said Gabriel.

“The [reason] why we’re so passionate about our mission is that we see both the brands and KOLs’ sides as entrepreneurs ourselves. As an entrepreneur, I’ve seen the hardship in building something,” Gabriel added. “We think that entrepreneurs are the builders of society and the ones who are building the economy today.”

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