People: VMLY&R PH Chief Creative Officer Rey Tiempo Takes On the Role of 4As Creative Guild President for 2020


MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The 4As Creative Guild of the Philippines is a long-standing organization made up of the country’s most respected creative leaders in the advertising industry, and each year it holds some of the biggest festivals, competitions, and award shows celebrating the talent and passion of the local community. In February 2020, its team announced the appointment of the 2020 4As Creative Guild President in the person of VMLY&R Philippines Chief Creative Officer Rey Tiempo, who has previously held one of the roles of Competition Director. 

adobo magazine caught up with Tiempo following the news of his induction and discussed his new position, the challenges the Guild is looking to address, and what to expect for this year’s set of exciting activities (including something big before the end of the year!):

1. How do you feel about taking on the role of 4As Creative Guild President for 2020? 

Honored, for the recognition. Excited, for the opportunities of growth. 


Terrified, from the pressure. Relieved, for the support and enthusiasm from my fellow Board of Directors. 

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2. You previously held the position of Creative Guild Competition Director. How is this different from your current position, and are there any learnings you’re taking with you as you begin your new role?

As one of the previous years’ Competition Directors, I only had to take care of the main creative competition, previously the Kidlat [Awards]. That was a great training ground in terms of gauging the scale of things needed to be done, people to talk to, schedules to arrange, all of the actual legwork and brainwork, of course. And most of all, learning to work alongside other great creative leaders from other agencies. 

As President, I now oversee and lead a team of Board of Directors – not just the Directors for Competitions, but also the Directors for Young Creatives, as well as the Directors for Communications – forming a mini-powerhouse agency, if you will, of like-minded creative leaders. Which I enjoy, immensely, because every meeting has just been very productive, and above all, fun! I also work closely with the current 4As Board, making sure everything our side is aligned with their vision of “Creativity Means Business.”

3. What challenges do you hope to overcome? 

Following our very first Board meeting, we’ve agreed that the current Creative Guild should take on the role of being the gateway for young creatives. Because somewhere along the way, we’ve started losing our young to the perceived “sexier” industries, and our goal is to guide them back. Get them excited once again about belonging in an industry that celebrates and even encourages one’s curiosities. Get them to appreciate the discipline and the craft this industry teaches, and their immeasurable returns.

4. Among the activities Creative Guild annually hold, which one are you looking forward to the most to host?

We’re planning this huge event that aims to celebrate the industry’s passions in gaming, music, sports entertainment, and various other “oddities.” It’s the very first time for the industry to mount something like this, so we’re very excited. It’s going to this crazy thrill-ride of “nobody-knows-what-to-expect”, and I cannot wait to get the word out once all details are in place!

5. What can the rest of the ad industry look forward to in terms of Creative Guild activities or festivals this year?

We’re bringing all-out support to the local industry’s major advertising and marketing event in November, the Sikat Festival. We cannot wait to work with the best and the brightest from the combined forces of the 4As, ASAP, IMMAP, KBP, MSAP, PANA, and UPMG. You can be sure we’ll be transferring as much hardworking, positive energy as we can into that, as well as everything we have lined up for this year. All good stuff, so stay tuned!

The 2020 Board of Directors have also been revealed as the main Creative Committee of the 4As Philippines and the Creative Guild of the Philippines: 


  • REY TIEMPO                                    

Chief Creative Officer


Directors for Competition:

  • GARY AMANTE                              

Executive Creative Director

DENTSU JAYME SYFU                          


Creative Director


Directors for Young Creatives:

  • ALI SILAO                                        

Head of Art



Creative Director


Directors for Communications: 

  • RAYMUND SISON                          

Chief Creative Officer/ Partner



Creative Director


Following their first General Meeting held last 7 February, the group has identified key action points for the rest of the year that will help support the 4As vision of “Creativity Means Business.”

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