Shake Shack holds Fiesta Night to celebrate 5-year anniversary

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Shake Shack recently celebrated Shake Shack Fiesta Night, a jolly and colorful occasion to commemorate its fifth anniversary in the Philippines. The event was held at the Central Square Branch in Bonifacio Global City last May 07. 

Upon entrance, guests were presented with a tote bag bearing art of a jeep above a stylized version of the restaurant’s name, containing a sheet of Shake Shack-themed stickers. This tote bag will also be made available to the public as official merch following the event. 

Fiesta Night also served as the perfect time for the brand to debut its new limited edition menu items: the Crackle Shack Burger and Crackle Shack Fries, both of which featured new ingredients such as sisig sauce, pork cracklings, and green chilies — an homage to Philippine cuisine. Guests were treated to these items along with a drink of their choice, either guava lemonade or Shackmeister Ale, the latter of which was made in collaboration with Engkanto Brewery as a Shake Shack exclusive. The Crackle Shack Burger and Fries will become available to the public from July 10 onwards.     


The highlight of the night was the fiesta vibe. Colorful streamers and lights hung everywhere, with guests enjoying their food, taking pictures, and chatting with each other, all while a live band played in the background. All of this added to the festive atmosphere, making the event feel like an actual birthday party fit celebrating Shake Shack’s fifth Philippine anniversary. 

Shake Shack began as a humble hot dog cart in Madison Square Park, New York City, founded by Danny Meyer. From there, it began opening branches throughout the city, before spreading outwards, and it is now known as one of the fastest-growing fast food franchises in the world. 

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