VML Thailand’s Park Wannasiri hyper-hacks creativity and more at CreativeFest 2024 

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Fully embodying the spirit of “hypercreativity,” Park Wannasiri, Chief Creative Officer of VML Thailand, took center stage at CreativeFest 2024 as a speaker. This gathering of advertising and creative professionals, hosted by 4As Philippines and the Creative Guild at the Ayala Museum in Makati, provided the perfect platform for Park’s innovative spirit.

With 16 years of experience in the advertising industry, Park strongly aligns with the concept of “hypercreativity.”

“I look at creativity and advertising in a different way, and I really enjoy it,” he shared. “I perceive creativity and advertising through a unique lens and find immense joy in it.”


During his presentation, Park showcased his many campaigns for various well-loved brands — such as the KFC Bone Tie campaign for KFC Thailand, “Narcos the Censor’s Cut” for Netflix, “Star Ice” for Heineken, and “Live Our Way” for Boonthavorn.

An advocate and practitioner of the unconventional and impactful, Park presented four “hyper hacks” for successful and effective creative work:

Creativity must be consistent (and ever-present)

“Creativity should not be seasonal,” Park exclaimed, citing his observation that the best campaigns only appear during awards season. “Creativity should be consistent.”

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Park also shared that creatives need a platform or a “playground” that can sustainably generate ideas. This is where he introduced the “VML Lightning Bolt,” a practice employed by his team in VML Thailand, where Park has implemented his belief that “a great brief belongs to everyone.” 

He further explained that the VML Lightning Bolt rounds up all of its creatives to brainstorm and present pitches in a space where ideas can be pure and raw, unrestrained by rules, and free of judgment. 

The secret to great work? A great brief

The crowd of advertising creatives cheered when Park flashed his slide, stating that the secret to great work is a great brief. He told attendees, “If it’s a shit brief, you will only get more shit out of it.”

Having worked under Leo Burnett prior to VML, Park heavily references its Humankind scale when it comes to the briefing process.

Hey clients and creatives, it takes two to tango

Park shared that the secret to establishing rapport between creatives and clients is believing that both sides have the best interests in mind for each other. “I believe we are as good as our clients. If they want to be good, they would support us and help us do consistently good work for them,” he explained.

“I really want you guys to Invest in great clients — invest your time, sweat, and tears to deliver good work for great clients. At first, they might not fully grasp a great idea, but as long as you consistently feed them good ideas, they will understand what it is.”

Park ended his talk by thanking and acknowledging his long-standing creative partnership with Netflix, KFC Thailand, Heineken, and Boonthavorn — we can see this as a testament that brands and creatives can join hands to execute the best (and even the craziest) of ideas.

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