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Angie Tijam-Tohid and Raymund Sison share their picks for the Best Ads of 2023

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — In the ever-evolving landscape of advertising, each passing year introduces innovative campaigns that redefine the boundaries of creativity. As we bid farewell to 2023, adobo Magazine turns the spotlight on some of the most exceptional and impactful campaigns that have shaped the advertising landscape in Asia Pacific.

In this exclusive series, we’ve reached out to Executive Creative Director for Havas Ortega Group, Angie Tijam-Tohid, and Partner and Creative Chief of Propel Manila, Raymund Sison, asking them to share their top picks for the year and offer their insights on the strategic brilliance, creative ingenuity, and cultural resonance that sets these chosen campaigns apart.

Angie’s picks:

Five Star Chicken, “The movie that made(from) us” (Thailand)


“This was hilarious! I love how they made the challenge the solution. A conversation and co-creation with the audience that was pure entertainment.”

Sotetsu Holdings, “A Train of Memories” (Japan)

“Beautifully crafted, heartwarming film. The unexpected casting and production approach to capture the evolving father-daughter relationship spanning years was just brilliant. No subtitles needed for this story to reel you in.”

Oreo, “Bring Back 2011” (India)

“An insanely fun campaign! Very clever use of a local insight. Imagine inspiring an entire nation to travel back in time to bring the country luck. And the response was massive, not just from individuals but different sectors of society. Really love this one.”

Maya, “The hit song that’s actually a bank” (Philippines)

“We’re often tasked to come up with a song or a jingle, and it’s a challenge to present a brand anthem in a fresh way. And this one I think did it well. It was entertaining, relevant, and best of all, rewarding – a music video that actually allows you to start saving.”

Raymund’s picks:

The Government of Tuvalu, “The First Digital Nation” (Australia)

“Best use of Metaverse I’ve seen.To be facing a reality with only a digital memory of a country is a tragic and traumatic thing to contemplate for a nation. It’s a brilliant warning and spectacularly radical. It goes beyond marketing and advertising, it’s a real demonstration of how creativity and technology can impact even the sovereignty of an entire nation.”

Bench, “Curtain Couture” (Philippines)

“It’s fresh, it’s captivating, it’s a beautiful celebration of the LGBTQ+ youth, most of whom had curtains and bedsheets as their first gowns, while discovering and expressing their true selves growing up.

It’s so local with a lot of beautiful nuances that truly understand the community. I’m happy that a big iconic Filipino brand sees them and celebrates them. A brave, consistent, and meaningful move from a brand who’s been championing diversity and inclusion all these years. I truly enjoyed this work.”

Samsung, “Flipvertising” (Australia)

“I think this is super cool! A truly clever and innovative idea that flipped media targeting on its head and let people hack the algorithm, not in a creepy stalker kind, but as a fun interesting way to be part of the brand experience.

In a world where people skip ads, Samsung made people want to be targeted by ads. This is proof that people don’t hate ads. They hate bad ads, and in this particular case, they seek out interesting ones.

I really like ideas that give people a great time!”

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