adoboPicks: 5 Comics to get you hyped for the upcoming Thor: Love & Thunder

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — We’ll all soon be catching up with everyone’s favorite Thunder God in his new film Thor: Love & Thunder.  And what better way to prepare than reading JV’s recommended Thor stories! Check them out here:

The Surtur Saga (Graphic Novel: Thor by Walter Simonson Vol. 2. Writer/Artist: Walt Simonson.)


When fire demon Surtur gains the power to destroy Asgard and Earth, it’s up to Thor and Marvel’s mightiest heroes to stop him! Simonson’s skill at crafting rousing massive fantasy battle sequences is a sight to behold while staying focused on the character moments. It’s a story that would have ramifications on Thor for years!

Worldengine (GN: Thor: Worldengine. W: Warren Ellis. A: Mike Deodato Jr.)

A sickly Thor traces the source of his illness to a disturbing plot to destroy the Nine Realms. His only ally, his seductive enemy, the Enchantress. Slow-paced and atmospheric, this is as film noir as Thor can get. Ellis and Deodato Jr. make the detective and fantasy genres mesh very effectively together.

The Broxton Saga (GN: Thor by J. Michael Straczynski Vol. 1-2. W: J. Michael Straczynski. A: Olivier Coipel.) 

After Ragnarok strikes, the Asgardians are erased from existence until Thor is resurrected in Broxton, Oklahoma. Now Thor must revive Asgard. This story serves as a refreshing reintroduction to the character after decades of convoluted backstory. The creative team reminds us that Thor is at his most heroic when connecting to humanity.

The God Butcher (GN: Thor: God of Thunder Vol. 1-2. W: Jason Aaron. A: Esad Ribic.)

Told during Thor’s past, present, and future, it’s the tale of the Thunder God’s encounters with Gorr, a powerful alien serial killer of gods. It’s a dark and riveting thriller with the tension getting stronger with each succeeding issue. Aaron’s character work is remarkable when comparing Thor at different ages and Ribic’s art is majestic and brutal.

The Devourer King (GN: Thor by Donny Cates Vol. 1. W: Donny Cates. A: Nic Klein.)

Thor must work with Galactus the World Devourer to stop a deadly threat to the universe. Thor has gone on cosmic adventures before but never have the moral issues been on this grand scale. Klein captures the jaw-dropping grandeur of the cosmos while Cates poses thought-provoking questions like “Is the sacrifice of billions of lives a small price to pay to save the universe?” Even Thor is afraid of the answer.

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