Events: Entrepreneurs gather at Canva HQ as the Negosyantrends Summit comes to end

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Canva continues to empower micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) and making their crazy big goals happen with their Negosyantrends: MSME Summit 2022 held virtually on July 19, 21, 26 and 28 and ended with a get-together on August 6 at the headquarters of Canva Philippines.

During the four-day webinar, entrepreneurs were taught the basics and tools of business, navigating the world of ecommerce, and designing ads, and social media advertising.

Ten entrepreneurs from the webinar were able to win a free brand consultation session with Canva’s art directors and designers.


Present at the get-together were Nian Ellao, Marvin Agustin, Andrea Sumida, and Reese Fernandez-Ruiz who joined the session virtually.

Imparting learnings from their own journey, the negosyantes spoke of purpose, inspiration, success, and authenticity.

“Focus on creating creations to make lives better,” said Reese whose social enterprise Rags2Riches is not just about money generation but solves problems as well.

Meanwhile, Marvin of YummyVerse Corp, zeroed in on the value of not settling while being efficient — something he achieved easily with Canva.

“You will learn a lot when you’re really listening,” he added.

For Andrea of Kohi Social, failure is a part of the journey. “Growth takes time and you really need to have that mental fortitude.”

But mostly, achieving success has to be on one’s own terms according to Vyous Digital’s Nian. “Don’t go there trying to pursue another’s version of success.”

The Negosyantrends: MSME Summit 2022 coincides with the celebration of MSME Month. Join Canva Communities on Facebook to playback the sessions.

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