Brand & Business: Electriclimefilms develops ‘exponential growth’ in young production talent through internship programs

SINGAPORE — For electriclimefilms, it is crucial to mentor the next generation of young talent in production through their internship programs. electriclimefilms loves to help mentor young men and women on their journey into the production world, working closely with them and challenging them out of their comfort zones.

With offices in Singapore, Sydney and Dubai, they are always keen to have hard-working and gifted youngsters coming through their doors.

As the current batch of interns in Singapore come to the end of their six months with electriclimefilms, amidst post-production and project wrap-ups, they sat down with the talented and driven individuals to hear about their experiences.


Creative Intern Eryka Fontanilla said: “If we could summarize our internship at electriclimefilms in one word, it would be ‘exponential growth’.

“As film students, none of us was foreign to the conventionally demanding nature of filmmaking; the rigour of pre-production, the laboriousness of production, and the complexity of post-production.

“Yet, while the difficulties and expectations of the filmmaking process were familiar, our electriclimefilms journey undeniably stretched our boundaries and left us feeling confident and gratified.

“To start, electriclimefilms looks at its interns in the same way they look at any other full-timer. Under the firm mentorship of producers Dora Claire David and Feliscia Xu, we were entrusted with roles and tasks that were imperative to the entire production.

“Whether it was sourcing for the right cast, finding the best locations or liaising with crew and equipment, each task was demanding but challenged and honed our savviness.”

“Being able to learn the ropes directly from the senior producer, and to put theory into practice immediately, was absolutely terrifying and immensely gratifying,” production intern Jon Ho added.

“From food orders for shoots to liaising with vendors for locations, to the intricacies of a budget, my internship experience has been nothing short of ‘eye-opening’.”

For more on electriclimefilms‘ internship program and how to get involved click here.

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