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Prettybird UK’s Jim Longden releases ‘Crack in the Mask’ music video for Jaxxon D Silva

LONDON, UK — Jim Longden has directed his first music video after signing with PRETTYBIRD UK. The promo for Jaxxon D Silva’s track “Crack in the Mask” features the artist playing an imprisoned character talking to his alter ego.

Jim started working with Jaxxon a decade ago when he shot his album and single cover artworks, developing a creative partnership in 2022 when they collaborated on his short film Don’t Look at Me.  

 “We filmed the video in one location and had one day to shoot it. This was my second time directing Jaxxon on screen. Similar to the first time in Don’t Look At Me, it was again a bizarre, peculiar, and outlandish experience, but we managed to get it done due to the two of us being strict, quick, and having rehearsed and argued our thoughts for a few days before the shoot. Creating a film or video in just one room is a test I have always wanted to face. I am pleased with the outcome, and my respect for filmmakers like Sidney Lumet, which was already very high, has grown even more,” said Jim.


Jim is a 23-year-old filmmaker and photographer. After leaving school at 16, he started taking photographs and went on to be featured in prestigious publications including Vogue and Love Magazine. In December, Nowness will be showing all three of Jim’s short films. Jim made his debut short film To Erase A Cloud when he was 20 years old, followed by Don’t Look At Me when he had just turned 22, and his third short film, Puddle of Muddles, at the age of 23. Jim’s debut feature film, Superfluous, is now in development and will enter production in 2024. Jim directs, writes, edits, composes, and produces his films to create a truly authentic and unique vision, in the mode of the iconic film “auteurs.” Jim has signed to Prettybird (UK), Henry.TV (France) and Radical Media (Germany) for representation.

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