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Zack Tabudlo sings about a toxic love in ‘Victim,’ the newest single from his upcoming album

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Ahead of the release of his third studio album “3rd Time’s A Charm,” record-breaking Filipino artist Zack Tabudlo gives fans a peek into his new era with “Victim,” out now on all music streaming platforms. A song about being a victim of a toxic kind of love but knowing you can’t escape, “Victim” shares a fresh perspective on love and how it’s not always seen through rose-tinted glasses.

Shining Light on the Darker Aspects of Love

Known for his tracks about falling in love and all the exhilaration it brings, “Victim” sees Zack welcoming a new direction in his musical career. “’Victim’ is about toxic love and is a heavier topic than what I usually create. With this era, the topics and themes I write about are more on the honest and vulnerable side, from different perspectives and situations of love,” summarized the singer-songwriter.

A departure from his renowned lovesick songs “Pano” and “Binibini,” the more mature take on love in “Victim” is apparent from the beginning. He starts off the song trying to set boundaries, which we see crumbling by the end of the first verse as Zack defeatedly accepts, “Who am I kidding, I always keep myself submitted to your possessiveness. Even though I’m not obsessed, why am I so hooked if I’m the one who loses?”


The second verse sees Zack being aware of the relationship’s toxicity yet unable to leave due to the love he feels. “It feels so good when we were starting, but then you mess me up, you make me lose myself,” Zack croons, but as the chorus constantly repeats like a mantra, love takes precedence over logic.  

Zack Tabudlo intentionally uses more mature language in the lyrics, which may be a shock to listeners more used to his romantic wordplay. But being the gifted songwriter that he is, the use of strong language isn’t meant menacingly. If anything, it effectively relays his frustration and self-awareness of his relationship’s toxic cycle. 

Making “Victim”

Given the different direction of “Victim” from his previous releases, Zack admits that writing about heartbreak is harder than writing about falling in love. “Heartbreak is a very heavy feeling that you always think about. When you’re inspired to write a song about heartbreak, the pain just comes out naturally from you since being sad feels really heavy,” Zack explained. 

“So, in terms of writing lyrics, it gives you more inspiration to open different topics about that heartbreak. With falling in love, you’re happy, and being at the peak of happiness, there is a bit of inspiration but it’s different and lighter than going through heartbreak,” the artist furthered.

Aside from its message that will resonate with people who can’t get away from their toxic relationships, the song’s strength lies in its masterful use of the guitar. It starts off the song and sets the tone for it, amps up the anthemic energy of the chorus with it, and leaves a lasting impression at the track’s ending. Zack described the song’s sound and style as “R&B and pop, with a bit of hip-hop elements to it like DJ scratches.” 

“This is a song that I did around two years ago. LAUV and LANY were my main inspirations for the sound since they are my heroes. In terms of the sound I wanted to create, I wanted something similar to what they do,” Zack divulged about his inspiration for the song’s production. “Coming into 2023, when I returned to this track, upon finishing it, I just added new elements and gave it a modern take to show how I sound now.”

The end result is a catchy and atmospheric song, something that you’d usually hear at a film’s climactic moments. 

Ushering a New Era

Taking his cue from his inspirations, Zack is using “Victim” to claim and create the sound he’s always wanted to make. 

“’Victim’ is a new era in terms of a genuine sound that I have always wanted to release ever since I started making music. This is pop and R&B, and I’ve always wanted to release an English track in these genres,” he shares. “This song and my upcoming album is my honest era and what I really want to do in terms of music style.” 

While listeners still have a bit of waiting to do for Zack’s most personal album yet, Zack takes time to share some advice with his fans, especially the ones who will relate to “Victim”: “It’s really hard to be in a relationship with toxic love; it normally doesn’t work out, so breaking up and healing from it is difficult. But remember that there is someone better who’s coming for you in the future. You don’t have to stay with these types of people because they won’t help you grow.”

Listen to “Victim,” out now on music streaming platforms. Zack Tabudlo’s third album “3rd Time’s A Charm: comes out on all music streaming platforms on November 17. 

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