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TikTok and Viva launch ForYouPelikula for Filipino filmmakers

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — TikTok, the leading destination for short-form mobile video, and Viva, a premier multi-media company, introduce #ForYouPelikula, a transformative initiative aimed at nurturing the Philippine short film industry and providing emerging filmmakers and passionate storytellers with a unique platform to shine. 

With a commitment to unlocking and tapping into the potential of the Philippine short film sector, the TikTok and Viva #ForYouPelikula Short Film Festival emphasizes the creation of engaging content that resonates with younger audiences. Emerging and promising Filipino storytellers, creators, and artists are given the opportunity to craft compelling and inspiring narratives, connect with a broader audience, gain mainstream recognition, and contribute to the reshaping of the local short film industry. 

“As TikTok continues to evolve as a creative powerhouse, we’re excited to introduce #ForYouPelikula in the Philippines. This campaign is more than just a competition. It’s a celebration of storytelling and a testament to the boundless creativity within our community. With #ForYouPelikula, we invite aspiring creatives, storytellers, and anyone with a bright idea to take on this challenge of self-expression and innovation. Together, we’re shaping the future of Philippine cinema, and we can’t wait to see the incredible narratives that will emerge from this unique initiative,” said Julie Zhu, Entertainment Lead of TikTok Philippines. 


How to participate 

From October 02 to 22, aspiring creators and storytellers are invited to join the #ForYouPelikula Short Film Festival by crafting short film entries ranging from one to three minutes long, using the hashtag #ForYouPelikula. To qualify, participants should be based in the Philippines and should be at least 18 years old. They should also be the owner of the TikTok account where the video entries will be uploaded. 

Participants have the creative liberty to explore various formats: from captivating skits and reenactments to immersive narrations or even presenting the entire short film. All entries should seamlessly align with TikTok’s community guidelines and feature the #ForYouPelikula hashtag in their captions. Participants are free to submit multiple entries; however, only one entry from each participant can qualify as a finalist. 

Amid this quest for innovation, the TikTok and Viva #ForYouPelikula Short Film Festival not only celebrates creativity but also rewards it. A distinguished panel of judges, hailing from TikTok and esteemed media partners, will sift through the entries. The top five finalists, to be announced on October 25, will not only be bestowed with a cash prize of PHP 10,000 each but will also have their creations transformed into professionally produced short films from October 25 to November 25. 

TikTok has partnered with Viva to produce the entries of the top five finalists, complete with professional actors playing the roles of the characters in these films. 

The final short films will be premiered at the TikTok and Viva #ForYouPelikula Awards Night on November 28 at the Venice Cineplex Cinema 5 and on TikTok. The Best Entry Award, chosen from the top five original videos submitted, and the Best Short Film Award, chosen from the Viva-produced films, will be announced during the Awards Night, with each winner receiving a PHP 50,000 cash prize. 

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