Awards: Japan among top three countries with most pencils for D&AD 2020


LONDON, UK– D&AD has released this year’s rankings of countries with most pencils taken. Scoring the third place is Japan for winning 51 entries from Geometry Ogilvy Japan, Dentsu Tokyo, Tanseisha, and TBWA\HAKUHODO’s wins among other agencies.

Dentsu Tokyo is the second most awarded agency globally, after DAVID Miami. Scoring 26 entries, Dentsu’s winning campaigns are as follows:

Yellow Pencil:

  • Creativity, Uncaged

Graphite Pencil:

  • Language Sanctuary – Ad Space for Protecting Endangered Language
  • Pocky THE GIFT
  • Mori Building Brand Movie Designing Tokyo

Wood Pencil:

  • Heavenly Taste
  • Tuna Scope
  • Pocky THE GIFT
  • Mr. OIL
  • Junior Swimming Championships
  • Creativity, Uncaged
  • Indeed Joy Search
  • Feel the Moment
  • Keep Standing – The Eternal Challenge for Brands
  • Nakagin Capsule Business Card

Tanseisha’s “Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum” won a Yellow Pencil under Spatial Design category. Grey Tokyo also took home a Yellow Pencil for “Hankograph.” Another Yellow Pencil winner is Dentsu West Japan for “Hair Calligraphy and Painting” which also won a graphite.

Graphite Pencil winners from Japan are Euphrates for “Shadows as Athletes“; 6D-K for “An Essential Sign Plan for Architecture Design Firm“; Atelier OPA for “JHF Table“; and Hakuhodo for “Vegibus

Winning Wood Pencils are Dentsu West Japan for “Kanazawa ADC Winners“; MATSU for “Kanazawa ADC Annual Award 2018“; ADK Creative One for “Avatar Robot Cafe“; 6D-K for “Imperfect“; TBWA\HAKUHODO for “The Restaurant of Mistaken Orders“, “The Most Challenging Pingpong Table“; and “Sound-Free Concert“; DESIGN DESIGN for “Logo of Tuna Donburi Specialty Shop“; OMDR for “Hokkaido Mackerel Cans“; Hakuhodo Design for “My Police Tote“; Shiseido for “Beauty Innovation“; BULLET for “HITO TO KI

China snagged the 11th spot with “Jia Hui” by Nanjing Han Qing Tang Design as the sole Yellow Pencil winner. The Design firm also won a Wood Pencil for “Iconography of The Decorated Writing-Paper of the Ten Bamboo Studio

LiaoDesign took home a Graphite Pencil for “Environmental Dreamer Festival.”

Another Design won a Graphite for “2019 UABB Brand Promotion Identity.


STUDIO M also won a Graphite for “Dragon’s Delusion.”

Wood Pencil winners from China are “LOLOSOSO – 60 years of anothermountainman“; Cheil PengTai Beijing & Cheil Hong Kong for “BACK2LIFE“; Hangzhou Dongyun Advertising Design for “Qingyinongnong Dried Vegetables” One Plus Partnership for “Changjiang Insun Cinema at Xian La Botanica Capitaland Mall“; Accenture Interactive China for “Pocket Franchise”; Ogilvy Mather Hong Kong for “Hot and Spicy 2”; Bai Ming, Leng Bingchuan, Zhou Chen for “Zhong Maofeng“; Cheil Hong Kong for “A Sweet Escape“; Tencent for “IMARS Cinema” and; Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai for “CNY“;

India comes in at 15th place while Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong occupy the 17th to 19th spots. Vietnam and Taiwan lags behind at 44th and 46th places respectively.

Find the full rankings here.


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