Awards: D&AD Awards Four Black Pencils; Burger King’s Moldy Whopper rakes in 11 Pencils


LONDON, UK– D&AD has released the winners for this year’s competition, awarding four Black Pencils to Burger King, Family Type, FCB/SIX, and FCB Chicago.

Burger King‘s “Moldy Whopper” created by INGO Stockholm/David The Agency Miami/Publicis, scored 11 pencils including four Yellow Pencils under the categories Art Direction, PR, and Press & Outdoor.

The fast food chain has taken a stance to use fresh ingredients by showing that like real food, their whoppers mold up to 35 days, an uncommon practice in the fast food industry.

The ad paid off with an additional four Graphite Pencils under Integrated, Art Direction, Media, and Film Advertising categories; and a Wood Pencil for Art Direction.

Burger King | The Moldy Whopper

FCB/SIX’s “Go Back to Africa” won for its transformation of a racial slur into a marketing maven for Black & Abroad, displacing hate and showing what it truly means to go back to Africa.

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The campaign also won a Yellow Pencil under media, and Graphite and Wood Pencil under the Digital category.

Go Back To Africa Cannes Lions 2019 Winners

Under typography, Universal Sans made the black pencil for a highly variable typeface that provides greater flexibility and control to the end user–making customised type available to a wider audience.

FCB Chicago‘s “The Gun Violence History Book” brings to light the prevalence of gun violence in America that if it was all captured in a book, it would probably stop a bullet.

Winning two Yellow Pencils in Branding and Art Direction, “The Gun Violence History Book” embeds a bullet into its pages and reads on the stopping page, “This bullet stopped. But history continues to be written. Support universal background checks at”


D&AD has been celebrating creative and craft excellence in design and advertising since 1962. Get the full list of winners on their website.



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