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Brand & Business: Experience future mobility, Nissan Pavilion unveiled, developed by TBWA\HAKUHODO

YOKOHAMA, JAPAN – Nissan Motor Corporation has launched the Nissan Pavilion in Yokohama, a new interactive entertainment facility that allows customers to experience how the company envisions the future of mobility. The impressive 10,000 square-meter, zero-emission space offers a variety of experiential content showcasing Nissan’s unique technology and features.



The facility was planned and developed in partnership with TBWA\HAKUHODO, working on its creative concept, design, and interactive content production, with the ultimate goal of ‘energizing human potential’ by allowing visitors to witness how cars and technology can enhance people’s perspectives, connection, and revitalization of a city.

【Comment from Tetsu Suzuki, Creative Director of TBWA\HAKUHODO
“Nissan Pavilion Yokohama is born during the beginning of a new era for Nissan. The concept is to ‘Energize Human Potential’ through a combination of Nissan’s technology and various entertainment elements. Our goal for creating this space was to tell a story of a real and tangible future of Nissan, not merely a cool daydream”

The Nissan Pavilion will act as a platform for the first exhibition of Nissan’s newest EV model – Ariya. The car is presented in a distinctive and dynamic way with unique calligraphy art, and an experiential video allowing visitors to feel what it is like to drive a Nissan Ariya through the city.

Nissan Pavilion features include:


An interactive entertainment space where visitors can enjoy experiential content, brought with advanced car technology, an extensive 4K projection screen, and a vibrating floor with Sony haptics technology. The content includes:
– Formula E The Ride,  a virtual race through worlds’ cities in Nissan’s FIA Formula E racing car (the only Japanese brand in the Formula E competition)
– Naomi Beats,  a virtual tennis game against Nissan’s brand ambassador Naomi Osaka, in which users attempt to return her 200km/h using Nissan’s I2V technology that visualizes the invisible.

An interactive art installation portraying Nissan’s goal of creating smart and connected cities and societies, with cars using its Sensing Technology to provide more efficiency and eliminate traffic accidents. Visitors can intuitively communicate with the artwork which beautifully showcases how energy and information is interchanged in this imagined future.

A dynamic space to enjoy movies created by renowned Japanese film producers Satoshi Nagai and Kunpei Maeda, with stories around people, family and love. Each movie is set in a futuristic world full of Nissan technology such as ProPILOT driving support.

An off-grid café powered by reusable energy generated from ceiling solar panels and stored in a Nissan Leaf. The state-of-the-art dining experience includes an interactive table that projects nutritional information of any dish placed on the table, as well as ProPILOT robot waiters, and convenient wireless charging tables for compatible smartphones.

【Comment from Mineo Mori, Head of Experiential Marketing Div. of TBWA\HAKUHODO
“The word ‘Pavilion’ may remind you of an exhibition, but our goal was to create an ‘entertainment facility’ where anyone can enjoy, including kids and even people with no interest in cars. This was only made possible with the help and collaboration of many talented people from different countries and companies coming together as ‘One team’ with our willing client. I would like to sincerely thank all the members who were involved in this project in any way.”

【Comment from Ai Sugimoto, Project Manager, Experiential Marketing Div. of TBWA\HAKUHODO
“It has been two years since the beginning of this project. The founder of Nissan said “Do what others don’t” – and I believe this project is the embodiment of exactly that. From nothing, the whole team created this facility that exceeds all imagination.”

The Nissan Pavilion will be open to the public from August 1 – October 23.

To find out more about Nissan Pavilion visit:

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