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Brand & Business: India’s largest platform-first startup ‘Wondrlab’ announces launch

MUMBAI, INDIA – Advertising and brand communication leaders Saurabh Varma, Vandana Verma and Rakesh Hinduja have launched Wondrlab. Wondrlab is a platform-first startup with three key verticals – Content, Experience and Digital business transformation.  

Wondrlab was born to serve a singular ambition – to help clients win in the new marketing landscape. The current structure of the communication industry doesn’t address the fundamental shift in human behaviour, the business landscape or client concerns through a platform lens. The founding team has envisaged a unique product and service model to address some of the big opportunities and challenges. The cornerstone of the strategy is combining marketing transformation and digital transformation, offering holistic solutions, creating value and helping clients achieve objectives. 

Wondrlab will invest in creating martech platforms to provide tools to enable hitherto complex expensive bespoke executions at the “push” of a button. All of Wondrlab’s solutions are backed by data and automation that leads to efficiency, measurability and ROI through user-friendly platform interfaces, centralised marketing controls, personalised content and automated solutions at scale. 


Speaking about the launch, Saurabh Varma, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Wondrlab, said, “There has never been a better time to disrupt the communication landscape. At Wondrlab all our teams are platform first. We will work with key platforms to create hybrid teams that help clients win on these platforms. We will also curate, partner and build martech platforms that can create meaningful experiences and become an advantage for our clients.”

Speaking about the launch of the martech company, Vandana Verma, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Experience Platform, Wondrlab said, “We have completely platformised brand experiences at Wondrlab. What brands will see are productised events, shopper marketing, retail and brand activations into tech platforms. Backed by data and automation, Wondrlab’s platforms unlock new levels of efficiency to drive new sources of growth for brands.”

Added Rakesh Hinduja, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Content Platform, Wondrlab said, “Brands now have an opportunity to make a personalised connection with their target audience, something that doesn’t happen with a one-size-fits-all approach towards platforms. Wondrlab’s key focus will be service and technology-based platforms combined with creative ideas based on data and human understanding.”

In the new marketing landscape, brands need integration as well as specialisation and expect a measurable impact on investment. Apart from the traditional retainer, commission and project-fee models, Wondrlab will offer new and evolving structures; these include an objective-based model in which a significant portion of the fee will be tied to the achievement of key client goals and a unique sweat model focused on helping startups scale and succeed.


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