Campaign Spotlight: CUPRA presents an emotional campaign with FC Barcelona by & Rosàs


BARCELONA, SPAIN — When young talent first step into FC Barcelona’s La Masia, a coach shows them a large mural with photos of former soccer players who also walked the halls of the school. The coach asks the rookies how many faces they recognize. It is then when they realize the challenge ahead, it is then they realize how difficult it will be to be called to play in the first team. And while reason tells them that it is practically impossible, the excitement of possibly achieving it drives them to keep trying.

If they don't understand why, they will - New CUPRA Formentor

This true story is the inspiration with which the joint CUPRA and FC Barcelona kick off campaign was born, with the goal of launching the five-season agreement. A starting point that gives rise to a bigger thought, a discourse that transcends soccer and sport, to reach all those people who fight for their own dreams despite the obstacles and despite being questioned for their passion and dedication.

Isahac Oliver, Executive Creative Director of & Rosàs said: “We wanted to reinforce, through different visual metaphors, the feeling of pressure that many people face on a daily basis. And how their convictions help them overcome adversities along the way”.

The piece transmits very concrete values ​​such as effort, passion, perseverance and conviction. Values ​​that both FC Barcelona and CUPRA share. With this campaign CUPRA remains faithful to its philosophy of promoting love for cars and driving in an era of electrification, making it coincide with the launch of pre-bookings for the new CUPRA Formentor, the first model exclusive to the brand.

The spot ends with a declaration of intent with an eye toward the future: “If they don’t understand why, they will.”

SEAT and CUPRA’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jason Lusty, points out that “CUPRA was born from the conviction of a group of dreamers to create a new car brand based on progressive design and contemporary performance whilst moving into the era of electrification. Not following the conventional and obvious path but showing the resilience to go another way connects the philosophy of CUPRA with the values of FC Barcelona. For CUPRA as a brand from Barcelona there could not be a better partner to celebrate the opening of CUPRA´s Formentor pre-bookings.”

The campaign, starring FC Barcelona goalkeeper and CUPRA global ambassador Marc Ter Stegen, was directed by Nicolás Méndez (CANADA), produced by CANADA and shot in Barcelona after the end of the state of alarm; with all the security measures and with all the difficulties that this implies.

In the coming weeks the campaign will be broadcast globally on television, and will be accompanied by more tacticaldigital campaign where it will be possible to pre-book the exclusive edition of the new CUPRA Formentor on

To view the film:

Agency: &Rosàs

Brand: CUPRA

Sector: Automotive

Name of the campaign: If they don’t understand why, they will

Client contact: Jason Lusty, Ignasi Prieto, Thibaud Vincent-Genod, Patrick Sievers, Carlos Valero.

ECD: Isahac Oliver

Head of art: Xavi Mauri

Copy: Pol Martínez

Accounts team: Daniele Cicini, Juan Badilla, Ainara Izar

Head of AV production: Jordi Solé

Production house: CANADA

Director: Nicolás Méndez

DOP: Albert Salas

Exec Producer: Victor Mata, Oscar Romagosa.

Edit: Carlos Font

Músic: Ben Cocks

Music adaptation: Trafalgar13 Music House

Post production studio: Metropolitana

Sound studio: Idea Sonora

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