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Campaign Spotlight: Nickelodeon Asia and EYEYAH! launch 10-part animated series and worksheets for World Ocean Day

SINGAPORE — Pro-social edutainment platform EYEYAH! together with Nickelodeon Asia and Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) are collaborating to draw children’s attention to ocean protection and sustainability through a 10-part animated series of public-service announcements (PSAs) that will begin airing on June 8 in conjunction with World Oceans Day.

The United Nations designated World Oceans Day as the day to celebrate the crucial role that oceans play in our everyday life, and to inspire action to protect the oceans, as well as encourage sustainable use of marine resources.

With art direction and curation by EYEYAH! and featuring the work of 10 illustrators from Singapore, UK, and Australia, the animations use eye-catching graphics to bring to life little-known fun facts that encourage active participation and provoke thought.


Topics covered include ocean acidification, pollution caused by a container losing its cargo of 28,000 rubber ducks, innovation in boat design, underwater volcanoes, lighthouses, and overfishing. In addition, three featured animations reveal unusual facts about sharks, a sea creature that children are endlessly fascinated by.

This collaboration is part of Nickelodeon’s ongoing pro-social Together for Good initiative, which aims to empower kids to make positive changes in the world around them. Previous initiatives include a 10-part series on Internet Safety, healthy eating, and recycling/reusing. EYEYAH! and Nickelodeon had recently collaborated on a series of PSAs for the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, covering topics from global warming and waste to recycling and upcycling.

To enable deeper learning and incite a creative response from viewers, each animation is supported by a free worksheet with activities such as designing a poster to raise awareness on sea pollution, and a crossword puzzle about the types of food that Great White Sharks eat. There is also a free Teachers Toolkit that uses the artworks to trigger conversation in the classroom.

“We are delighted to continue working with Nickelodeon, to highlight the hugely important topic of waste and recycling to children around the world,” said Tanya Wilson, founder of EYEYAH!.

“Children are learning a lot in school about the danger that plastic poses to ocean life, and we wanted to expand their knowledge by drawing their attention to lesser-known facts, using eye-catching graphics and humour to make learning fun.”

Download the free worksheets here

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