SEOUL, South Korea – Cheil Worldwide announced today the launch of a new global website ( as part of the ad firm’s overall strategy to strengthen its overseas businesses. The new website is specifically designed to meet the local needs of the 43 subsidiaries in the Cheil network.

Visitors to the site are shown content tailored to each country or region depending on where they access the homepage. Each site displays an eye-catching creative work that represents the relevant local subsidiary and plays a video of a major campaign executed by that subsidiary. It also features local content showing key members of the team, the campaign portfolio for that market, and other information related to the firm.

Cheil also added enhanced flexibility for local site administrators, empowering them to update the contents and manage their site according to local business needs.  

 “This new website clearly demonstrates our uniqueness and our competitive global footprint,” a company official said. “Our goal with this redesign is to continue to support the creative activation of our local subsidiaries and empower them to do great work.”