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Design: United Nations Releases Global Call to Creatives with an Open Brief to Create Content Addressing Key COVID-19 Health Messages

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – For the first time ever, the United Nations is reaching out to creatives all over the world to help create engaging and innovative content that can expedite the spread of correct WHO-provided information to every culture, community, and platform known to man — “Everyone, everywhere”, as the brief states.

Together with the World Health Organization (WHO), the UN is hoping to see translations of critical public health updates that employ different kinds of messaging appropriate to reach the different cultures, languages, age groups, affiliations, and geographies all around the world to help further demystify the pandemic. With the help of creativity, the brief aims to effectively flatten the curve.

Moreover, the brief calls for creatives to extend their imagination, ambition, and ingenuity to this initiative:


“By reaching out to creatives around the world, we hope to inspire creators, influencers, talent, networks, media owners + who can take these key messages and bring their own magic to them — a creative twist, a cultural quirk, an interpretation which helps amplify them to audiences we are not yet reaching”.

The Brief

The UN has highlighted six key areas that the public urgently needs to be aware of right now, making up six “mini-briefs” or episodes:

1. Personal hygiene
2. Social distancing
3. Know the symptoms
4. Kindness contagion
5. Myth busting
6. Do more, donate

Each area has its own in-depth brief, with key messages, assets, and inspiration provided to make sure that only accurate information is released. The tone, objectives, and backgrounds are also highlighted.


Content will be placed across different platforms:

– social media
– digital publishers
– streaming platforms
– broadcast
– radio

With that, the brief is looking for the following:

– Video (:06, :15, :30, :60, and longer)
– Graphics (formatted for social)
– Audio (music, PSAs, comedy)
– Activation + solidarity ideas (home concerts, hero character PSAs, sing along hand washing, contagious acts of kindness)


The UN and WHO also stated some very important things to remember when designing and sharing content that answers to this open brief:


– Please do not deviate from the key messages provided in the mini briefs
– Messages should be derived from WHO guidance and are true to the spirit of public health needs
– Language is not inflammatory, discriminatory, or stigmatizing
– Do not use UN or WHO logos
– Content shared back with us (United Nations) will be considered for co-branding and distribution through UN and partner platforms

Creatives interested to respond to the brief are asked to fill out this form so that the UN’s team can amplify and share the participating works. Those who wish to be considered by the UN for co-branding are also asked to submit the said form.

In these times where fear and uncertainty is running wild around the world, it is important that we all stay informed. On top of that, it is also of utmost importance that crucial pieces of information rise above the clutter on social media and day-to-day life. That is where creativity comes in.

As the UN states in the brief, “Get your best and most beautiful minds together to think up how we can communicate these messages to the audiences you know best, using the techniques you know best.”

Read the full brief here.

For questions or concerns, please email StrategyHub@un.org.

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