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Filipino startups showcase products at Web Summit 2015

by Kimi Lim

DUBLIN – WebSummit attracts attendants from over 134 countries. Some of these are startups in various stages of development.

Startups at WebSummit are organized into two track types. The ALPHA track is for companies with less than $500,000 raised and the BETA track are for those with less than $3 million raised. Early stage startups are in the Alpha track while Beta track startups have reached some engagement with their target audiences.


adobo magazine caught up with Medifi and Midash by as they exhibited on Tuesday. Both Medifi and Midash are Alpha track startups with lots of potential, showing that Filipino ingenuity had a place on the world tech stage.

Medifi was invited to WebSummit by the organizers to showcase in Dublin. Based in Manila, CEO Freddy Gonzalez, COO Mooney Castillo, and CTO Jay Fajardo were present to explain their personal telehealth platform which helps link doctor and patients closer together. Their online platform aims to help connect doctors and patients closer together regardless of location, bringing with it utilities such as video consultation, messaging, medical imaging, personal medical profiles and prescription tracking. Launched just a week before WebSummit in The Philippines, they are seeing success as more doctors sign up to the platform. While they are self-funded, they are aiming to raise more capital in order to expand both in The Philippines and internationally.

Midash by came from Cebu City to WebSummit with an online platform for real estate agents to manage their properties with ease. They claim that to their knowledge, no integrated real estate platform exists on the market currently and were inspired to come up with the platform in the wake of the housing boom in The Philippines. CEO Grace Granlund and Head of Product Development Heinrich Lee Yu were on hand to demonstrate live and explained that they were inspired by tales of real estate retailers feeling encumbered by not being able to give OFWs looking for estate to buy the information they wanted immediately. They are looking to raise capital to expand internationally and bring their real estate online platform to a global market.

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