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J. Walter Thompson Singapore’s Tay Guan Hin to Re-ignite The Gung Ho at AD STARS 2018

BUSAN – AD STARS 2018 welcomes Tay Guan Hin as one of this year’s flagship Creativity speakers.

“It seems that every other topic at advertising conferences these days is about data-driven creativity, technology, AI, VR, disruption or transformation,” says Tay Guan Hin, Global Executive Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson Singapore.

Guan Hin continued to make it clear that his session will deviate from all the topics he mentioned. “My session deals with something different yet familiar,” he explains.


Titled, ‘Re-ignite The Gung Ho’, Guan Hin will argue that we are losing our passion for exceptional creativity in a data-obsessed world.

“Are we driven by a fear to deliver measurable growth, or driven by a desire to create outstanding creative work? Are we succumbing our motivation to experiment or giving in to the assurance of data?”

According to Guan Hin, it’s time to re-ignite our passion not for data but for creativity. Think of his session as a manifesto that calls on our industry to stop allowing data to drive creativity. Instead, he says, “use it as a starting point, but push it much further with a Gung-Ho spirit of passion”.

Guan Hin is inspired by the famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma, who said: “Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you’re passionate about something, then you’re more willing to take risks.”

The AD STARS program is divided into three streams: the Creativity Stage will feature some of the world’s most brilliant creative minds; the AD Tech Stage will feature groundbreaking technologists; while the Open Stage is open to the general public to encourage people outside the advertising industry to learn more about the business of creativity.

The event will feature some of the world’s most inspiring creative, production and technology experts from 23rd to 25th August in Busan, South Korea.


Founded in 2006, AD STARS is the only international advertising festival which combines creativity with cutting-edge technology. It aims to share creative solutions and change the world. AD STARS takes hold of five key concepts: social good, openness, discover diversity, a new paradigm, and creative solutions. It also seeks cultural diversity which can enhance the understanding of the world, seeks to find marketing communication which can contribute to the humanity is open to all with the spirit of openness and sharing and puts emphasis on public interest category for the development and happiness of humanity.

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