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New Business: Cosmo Arcades names Approach Communications as PR and communications partner

MUMBAI, INDIA — Soon-to-launch beauty and wellness destination, Cosmo Arcades, has entrusted award-winning PR and communications agency, Approach Communications, as its PR and communications partner. Cosmo Arcade is a beauty and wellness ecommerce and retailing brand, set to officially launch into the market next month. It was launched by Aintzane Digital Private Limited under Ignite Group of Companies based in Kolkata, with its corporate office based in Hyderabad.

The brand is gearing up to strengthen its operations soon with the opening of its retail stores after the ecommerce launch in September, introduction of the new Cosmo Arcades website and app, with plans to release its own cosmetics and herbal label in the next few months. 

Moreover, Cosmo Arcades has already roped in one of the biggest names in the cosmetics and wellness industry into the team, with Pavan Ladha as its executive director.

Sanjay Sarkar

Speaking on the appointment, Sanjay Sarkar, managing director, Aintzane Digital Private Ltd commented, “We were looking for a PR & Communications agency which is most suitable for us in terms of generating awareness, engaging the audience and corporate reputation of the group with domain expertise in herbal, cosmetics and wellness. The presentation made by Approach Communications was in line with our marketing communications and PR approach. So we decided to go with Approach Communications.”

Speaking on engaging Approach Communications as PR and communications partner, Pavan Ladha, executive director, Aintzane Digital said, “We want to make Cosmo Arcades the first choice for all beauty and wellness commerce. We are launching Cosmo Arcades E-commerce website and app soon and will follow it with retail expansion. We have some very innovative plans for the beauty and wellness industry and will be the leader in the beauty segment soon. ”

Sonu Tyagi

Sonu Tyagi, director, Approach Communications added, “We are very excited to work on the Cosmo Arcades account. Sanjay Sarkar and Cosmo Arcades team has got a very big vision to make it a top destination in the beauty and wellness industry. Approach Communications will be handling the entire PR & Communications for Cosmo Arcades brand. Our group company, Approach Entertainment will take care of branded entertainment, ad film productions, video productions, events, influencer marketing, corporate films, btl, film and in-film marketing activities.”

Approach Communications will handle PR & Communications for Cosmo Arcades, while social media and digital marketing will be handled by Approach Communications Digital division. Approach Communications Group company, Approach Entertainment, will handle the entire mandate on Branded entertainment, celebrity, and influencers engagement, film and in film marketing, events, film productions, and all entertainment marketing activities for the brand.

Approach Entertainment is a full-fledged entertainment marketing company with specialized verticals in celebrity management, film productions, advertising & corporate film productions, film marketing, events, and entertainment marketing. Approach Entertainment is based in Mumbai with operations in New Delhi, Gurugram, Goa, Dehradun, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Hyderabad & Jalandhar.

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