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Campaign Spotlight: Rishabh Pant rides to find his tribe with bicycle brand Hercules and Ogilvy

BANGALORE, INDIA — Reigning supreme as India’s cycling sensation since 1951, bicycle brand Hercules has been an integral part of every Indian male teenager’s childhood. Its diverse range of bicycles, including Hercules Roadeo and Hercules MTB Turbodrive, have captivated the imagination of countless youngsters across the country.

The brand Hercules stands for teamwork, friendship, and adventures. It encourages boys to team up with like-minded friends and set off on an adventure with them in the spirit of brotherhood.

The latest campaign from the brand features young Indian cricketing sensation, Rishabh Pant, in the lead. He embodies the spirit of the brand as he has the perfect mix of youthful zest, playfulness, and adventure. The campaign encourages boys to find and celebrate their tribe, the kind of people who understand their quests and ride along too.


The campaign was conceived by Ogilvy Bangalore.


Capturing the creative journey, Ogilvy Associate Creative Director R Parvathy shared, “Tribe plays an important role in the journey of every teenager who loves cycling. It’s the tribe that shapes them and defines their rides. It decides the nature of adventures he could take on and gives him the grit to complete them. Cycling has a deep connection with brotherhood this way. These brotherhoods and tribes are what Brand Hercules aims to celebrate through the latest campaign.”


Client: TI Cycles of India
Brand: Hercules
Agency: Ogilvy, Bangalore
Chief Creative Officers, Ogilvy India: Kainaz Karmakar, Harshad Rajadhyaksha, Sukesh Nayak
Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy India (South): Puneet Kapoor
President, Ogilvy India (South): Tithi Ghosh
Head of Strategic Planning: Easo John
VP, Account Management: Parthiban D
Group Creative Director: Sharat Kuttikat
Creative team: R Parvathy, P A Vidyanath, Sujith Bose, Adrian David
Account Management: Malvika Jhaveri, Mansi Shah
Production House: Entourage Films
Director: Bosco Bhandarkar

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