Renowned television commercial diretor Sid Maderazo takes on a new path in his career, but this time, he is not doing it solo, but with sidekicks. He recently launched “Sidekick”– a collective of talented freelance directors he personally picked and will personally lead.

In a video released on Facebook, Direk Sid reflected that over the past 18 years directing TVCs, he has always applied the highest levels ofa discipline, creativity and passion to his work. But while he continues to take on projects for a wide range of clients, agencies and production houses, he has come to appreciate the varying challenges of the new formats in advertising.

With the new challenges in handling demands to direct video with low budget, content, new styles, fast turnaround, Sidekick was born. Direk Sid tells adobo magazine, “ “Sidekick is simply a collective of freelance TVC and digital content directors that I handpicked to collaborate with in every project. I will be fully involved in each project, (not necessarily physically present ) but during the treatment and storyboard stage which I feel are the most crucial part of the process, I will be very much involved. Quality in every project at all costs is my guarantee.”

Sidekick banks in both quantity and quality, guided by the philosophy– the strength of one is the strength of all. Direk Sid says, this mantra describes how they harness and multiply their abilities across various projects, simultaneously and even remotely, with the assurance of the same meticulous attention to detail he puts into every project from conceptualization to execution.

In 2017, Director Sid Maderazo left his position as Post-production Partner at 88storey Films and pursued his roots as a freelance TV commercial and content director.

Direk Sid is famous for works that are both effective and memorable, including the commercial for Pepsi starring Jericho Rosales, Coke short featuring the catchy “Ito ang beat, sabay-sabay,” Creamsilk ad starring Venus Ra, and the Red Horse Beer short with Georgina Wilson and Isabelle Daza.