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BBDO Guerrero celebrates 25 years with in-depth research unveiling ‘The State of Filipino Youth’

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Creative agency BBDO Guerrero recently celebrated its 25th birthday and took the opportunity to share valuable insights from their latest research on Pinoy Gen Z, “The State of Filipino Youth.” The BBDO Voices report, “Pinoy Gen Z on Gen Z,” is a mix of qualitative study and quantitative research covering more than 300 respondents in the 18 to 25 age group and delves into the impact of digitalization on the Gen Z population, emphasizing their constant online presence and their unparalleled access to vast amounts of information. 

It explores their concerns, ranging from employment, economic, political, and environmental, to health-related issues, and the resulting sense of uncertainty. Additionally, the study uncovers the coping mechanisms employed by Pinoy Gen Z, including their use of humor to navigate challenges and their evolving values in response to the information they encounter.

To bring the story to life, the team created a spoof reality TV trailer called “Brand Love Island” which unpacks the findings of the study in showing the things that Pinoy Gen-Z respondents are looking for in an ideal brand partner.


The study was launched to a select group of senior agency clients, hosted by BBDO Asia Regional CEO Tze Kiat Tan with Chairman David Guerrero, CEO Francine Kahn-Gonzalez, and Head of Strategy Gino Borromeo. Also present were BBDO Asia CFO Soo Siong Keoy, and other members of the regional and local management team.

David, who also presented learnings about the changes in the industry over the time since the agency started, thanked the agency’s clients for their partnership and trust. These included some of the country’s leading consumer marketers from PepsiCo, JFC, Dito Telecommunications, BPI, and Unilever.

Gino said, “It’s not enough to assume things about this generation, but we need to provide a solid understanding of who they are as people. Because this is what makes or breaks a campaign.”

Tze congratulated the agency on reaching this significant milestone and paid tribute to “the dedication and success of the Philippine office” and “the success of the study” while BBDO Worldwide CEO paid tribute to “this wonderful agency” in celebrating its 25th year.

The study is now available via the agency’s website. Click here for more details.

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