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Brand legitimacy is the real power of social media, according to Truelogic 

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — In the age of digital dominance, social media has emerged as a powerful force that goes beyond mere likes and followers. Truelogic DX Podcast, hosted by SEO expert and Managing Partner of Truelogic Bernard San Juan III, sheds light on the true potential of social media in establishing brand legitimacy and driving valuable leads in today’s competitive landscape.

In the latest episode, titled “The Invisible Power of Your Social Media,” Bernard shared the challenges of the conventional perception of social media metrics as mere vanity numbers.

“Likes and follows are not goals. They’re metrics, numbers that you ought to look at and manage, but these are not goals,” he said.


Instead, Bernard highlights the true power of social media lies in its ability to foster brand legitimacy and drive lead generation.

In addition to that, he said that it’s crucial to understand the importance of a brand’s identity, the problems it solves, and its target audience within the market. By delving into these fundamental aspects, businesses can create a focused content strategy that resonates with their target customers. 

“A brand that talks to everybody talks to nobody. It is super important that you understand who you are in the market, who your audience is, how you solve their problems, and how you uniquely solve their problems,” Bernard emphasized, underlining the significance of understanding the unique value proposition and leveraging it effectively across social media channels.

Listen to the “The Invisible Power of Your Social Media”.

Recognizing the challenges and blind spots inherent in the social media landscape, Bernard candidly shares Truelogic’s remarkable journey, backed by undeniable results. 

Through meticulous analysis of performance metrics, Truelogic witnessed a remarkable reduction in the average time to close a contract, slashing it from 121 days in 2020 to an impressive 82 days. This unprecedented improvement can be unequivocally attributed to the transformative impact of Truelogic’s social media presence and engagement, building brand legitimacy and trust.

“The invisible hand of your social media presence is legitimacy. People don’t go to Google unless they’re motivated. So don’t ignore the present. Don’t ignore your social media channels. They are great signals of legitimacy. Don’t get fixated on your likes. Don’t get fixated on your follows. Don’t get fixated on your impressions. Don’t get fixated on your views,” he said.

“Your goal is to impact the business metric, and in our case, the business metric that our social media channel impacts is our legitimacy. And our legitimacy is measured in how fast we can close someone because, by the time they talk to us, they are already impressed by the brand,”Bernard added.

If you want to learn more about digital marketing, you can listen and subscribe to Truelogic’s Spotify, Google, and Apple accounts. Webinar episodes are free to watch on Truelogic Inc.’s YouTube Channel. 

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