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Travel brand TUMI cracks down the different kinds of dads for the perfect Father’s Day gift

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Growing up, our dads played multiple roles in our lives for every milestone of our existence. They’re the strict yet loving father who protected us from emotional and physical harm; they’re the playmate who is always up for new character roles in our imaginary worlds; they’re the supportive coach and number one fan at our sporting events. Our dads wore so many hats for each event of our youth. We always saw them as “dad,” but as we grew older, we also came to know them for who they are as their own independent persons. They’re the successful businessman who runs projects and campaigns at work; they’re the gentle presence reading on a chair in the living room; they’re the passionate sports enthusiast who roots hard for his team and practices the sport himself; they are their own persons with their own hobbies, lifestyles, and characteristics that are far from who we just see as “dad.” And for that, they were also able to encourage us to find our true selves within.

This Father’s Day, let’s thank the dads who helped mold us into who we are today. Let’s show our appreciation for our dads not just as our fathers, but as who they are as wonderful, inspiring, multi-faceted individuals. World-renowned travel gear brand TUMI has been the go-to choice for men of all ages — including our fathers. The brand caters to every man’s whim, and has a perfect bag for every season, every adventure, and every kind of dad out there.

The athlete

He’s there for every school sporting event and cheers you on from the bleachers. He’s both your personal coach and biggest fan. And as he shared his love for sports with you as as kid, his own passion for physical activity only grew as time passed by. TUMI’s Alpha 3 Golf Bag is the perfect golfing companion as your dad continuously gets holes in one. It keeps the clubs organized and protected with five full-length dividers. It has a host of sturdy storage pockets for accessories, and a hood to cover and safeguard the main compartment. The Alpha 3 Golf Bag is made with TUMI’s patented FXT ® ballistic nylon fabric which combines a unique weave and special coating to make it ultra-durable.

The TUMI Alpha 3 Golf Bag in Black is available in all TUMI Stores.

The globe-trotter

Always on the go whether for work or leisure, the globe-trotter dad is the one in charge of family vacations and road trips. He knows all the best places to visit and already has the next upcoming trip lined up even before the current one ends. For him, traveling is a way of life. That’s why the TUMI 19 Degree Collection in Aluminum luggage suits him best. This durable carry-on bag boasts a modern silhouette with fluid-looking contoured angles. Its petite size is ideally designed for short trips, and is equipped with two TSA-integrated combination locks with push buttons to open. Plus, tie down straps on both the front and back compartments will keep valuables inside the luggage to remain intact even during turbulent flights and drives.

TUMI 19 Degree Aluminum International Carry On in Matte Black and Silver

The business boss

Whether he works the 9-to-5 grind as a corporate boss or if he runs his own successful business, this dad is always hustling to provide for his family. Sleek, modern, and progressive, the TUMI Arrivé Hannover Slim Brief complements his busy days at work. This dapper bag fits the daily essentials. It has a zip entry to two main compartments and padded a laptop compartment that can fit 15-inch screens. There’s also a quick access pocket to fit his phone and an open center compartment. 

TUMI Arrivé Hannover Slim Brief in Black

The man of the house

Holding down the fort is a job that requires a multitude of skills and a copious amount of knowledge on all things housekeeping. Being a stay-a-home dad and taking care of the kids, serving as the handyman who can fix anything and everything from plumbing to electrical problems, and doing DIY projects for home improvement are all part of a day’s work. For this kind of dad, the TUMI Alpha Bravo Mason Duffel Bag can fit all of his necessities and then some. This spacious and modern duffel bag features an expandable shoe compartment with a water resistant lining. It also has a daisy chain compatible with TUMI+ accessories to further enhance its functionality. The Alpha Bravo line takes its cues from rugged parachute fabric. Many styles feature a main body fabric made from recycled materials — an even more sustainable take on the signature ballistic nylon. The lining of almost all styles of the Alpha Bravo line is also made with recycled materials, and the built-to-last quality of the collection further enhances its sustainability.

TUMI Alpha Bravo Mason Duffel Bag in Black

The all-rounder

Always armed with snacks and wet wipes; up-to-date on the kids’ doctor’s appointments, sports practice, and school events; and perpetually ready to listen, lend a helping hand, and tend to a wound — the all-rounder dad is everything their kids need them to be at all times. And in order to fulfill their multiple roles efficiently, the TUMI Alpha Bravo Navigation Backpack serves as the ideal bag that can handle the wear and tear of everyday responsibilities. It’s perfect for commutes to and from kids’ appointments, and even for travels that take you further afield. A zipper expansion allows for extra room when needed, and a multitude of organizational pockets can carry everything from your laptop to your phone. Daisy chains make the bag compatible with TUMI+ accessories for more functionality.

Lando Norris with TUMI Alpha Bravo Navigation Backpack in Black. Photo courtesy of TUMI.

TUMI makes the perfect bags for each of our fathers’ facets and interests. All bags, either for adventures outdoors or for more formal cases, are guaranteed to comply with the brand’s five key values to ensure they get the most out of their time and experience.

 1. Superior Quality: TUMI seeks, studies, and obsesses over superior quality for every product it offers. And this passion and forward-thinking is what makes its bags a cut above the rest.

2. Design Excellence: The brand believes in the beauty of purpose. Design is the intelligent art for making something that works effortlessly — uniting form and function in one into one exceptional object.

3. Technical Innovation: TUMI is equipped with tools that provide solutions, even before problems arise. The brand has more than 125 patents to its name, displaying its dedication to progressiveness.

4. Functional Superiority: Each piece that TUMI creates is made with the highest quality materials and backed by industry-standard rigorous testing.

5. World-Class Customer Experience: When you purchase a TUMI, you also purchase a promise that if something goes wrong, the brand will fix it. From bag repairs to tracking lost luggage, TUMI is always ready to lend a helping hand.

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