Insight: ‘Good Old Days? Now on Digital,’ Cheil Worldwide’s Hyunchang Roh on ad company’s digital transformation at AD STARS

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – At AD STARS 2021 Online Festival, Cheil Worldwide’s digital campaign director, Hyunchang Roh, explored how an advertising company accelerates digital transformation and its struggle to engage with non-typical digital consumers.

During his talk titled ‘Good Old Days? Now on Digital,’ Hyunchang Roh shared four key efforts made by advertising companies for successful digital transformation.

  1. Starting not from subjective insights but from data

Discusses the emergence of data driven marketing, and the importance of data from using behavioral data and developing personalized ads, to cultivating a habit of utilizing customer data for advertising.

  1. Automated solutions for efficiency and streamlining

Introduces automated production and operation solutions as well as Cheil’s own solutions such as hashtag analysis system to maximize social channel operation efficiency, and explains how digitizing the work process and output is another way to manage human resources efficiently.

  1. Attempting direct product sales

Looks at ad company’s attempt to enhance performance through driving sales, subscriptions, app installation, and even selling products directly while analyzing customer journey as the session shares both of Cheil’s own e-commerce platforms – a contents collaboration shop, and a lifestyle platform aimed at offering seamless experience from rent to purchase.

  1. Diversity of the advertising content outcomes

Explores new technology enabling diversity of contents through recent award-winning work from Cheil Worldwide from restoring the lost national heritage with the help of AR/VR, or providing a new digital experience through combining local street culture with technology, to enabling ALS patients to communicate and control utilities with a free app.

Summing up, Hyunchang emphasized the importance of digital maturity of work culture in ad company for a successful digital transformation. According to him, not only the work process matters, but also the work culture is key to accelerating digital transformation of the organization.

The AD STARS 2021 Online Festival runs from 25th to 27th August. To watch AD STARS 2021 online, visit All sessions will be available to watch on demand for 60 days until late October 2021.

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