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Marketers have their eyes on the growing superapp economy, GrabAds study says

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — In today’s digital age, superapps have redefined how we go about our daily lives. From how we get food to how we make payments, much of the modern Filipinos’ everyday tasks are shaped by superapps and their partners. It comes as no surprise then that integrated solutions provider GrabAds is bringing the SuperApp Awards to this year’s edition of the renowned Boomerang Awards.

The Superapp Boomerang recognizes advertising campaigns that have made brilliant use of superapp ecosystems. The Boomerang Awards pillars are creativity, innovation, and effectiveness, and the introduction of this new award is an acknowledgment of how superapps have not only shaped the daily lives of Filipinos, but also changed the landscape of advertising and marketing at large.

Superapps’ ubiquity and significance are undeniable and it doesn’t take a lot to see the many ways it has innovated the ways in which Filipinos go about their everyday tasks and facilitated more ways for brands to connect with their consumers and give them what they need. This is thoroughly explored in the context of the region in GrabAds’ “The SEA Superapp and Brands Report 2022: The SEA Marketer’s guide to trends, terms and thinking in the new superapp economy.”


The study covers how the superapp economy has consistently been on the rise in Southeast Asia. With millions of people using it every day, it can no longer rather be considered emerging media — this is mainstream. This also applies to superapp advertising, with the majority of senior marketers in the region expecting it to grow further in 2022 and 61% of marketers have never advertised with superapps but are planning to do so in the future.

With Grab, the likelihood of superapps advertising to rise is especially true as it is the biggest superapp in the region, not just in terms of scale, but also in credibility. The trust that users have in the app makes it more likely for them to trust and respond to the ads on the app as well.

Additionally, superapp advertising is growing in effectiveness as well since users who are on superapps are already there with the intent to shop as opposed to just watching videos or look at posts. According to the report by GrabAds, 78% of consumers are more likely to buy a product when they’re on a superapp.

Another factor that helps the effectiveness of advertising on these platforms is the fact that superapps constantly innovate the ways in which they engage, reward, and entice users. With the range of features that superapps like Grab have, brands are given more space to explore and come up with different methods in which they can use superapp ecosystems to build their brands, drive engagement, and spur sales.

Check out the full report to find out more about the impact of superapps on consumers and digital marketing.

Tune in to the first superapp awards in the 2022 IMMAP Boomerang Awards on October 14 as GrabAds celebrates the ways in which superapps have paved a way for innovation and creativity in advertising.

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