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Ogilvy Consulting’s ‘The 2030 Forecast’ predicts critical business implications and uncovers opportunities for brands and businesses

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Ogilvy Consulting, the global strategy and innovation arm of the Ogilvy Group, has released “The 2030 Forecast,” a report examining the ten foundational shifts happening in our world today – culturally, economically, and socially – and predicts where we will be at the end of the decade. The next seven years will be crucial for humanity and business and the authors ask the fundamental question: Is your organization ready?

“The 2030 Forecast” identifies ten major shifts that will affect the global workforce, our relationship with AI & technology, ESG, the future of healthcare, economic dominance, and distribution of wealth, among other areas. The report predicts critical business implications and uncovers opportunities for brands and businesses. The authors intend for the forecast to be a guide (and maybe a warning!) of what businesses can do now to prepare and develop new strategies for the future.

Carla Hendra, Global CEO of Ogilvy Consulting, said, “As we looked at the years remaining in this decade, we realized they will be pivotal for humanity as we face new problems to solve and innovate to address them. Ogilvy Consulting is casting a light on where the world will move by 2030 with this report. Modern civilization will have to double down on our characteristic ingenuity and innate drive to thrive, because through our own advancement, we’ve made the world more volatile and less hospitable. At Ogilvy Consulting, we think this will change the way business is done in ways that are worth looking at critically. As more people assume economic power and the world becomes more complex, multipolar, and likely more dangerous, it remains filled with the opportunity to have impact.”


To get ahead of the 2030 world brands and businesses will have to consider a range of questions including: How does the shifting line between the individual and the collective impact your brand? What will a multi-polar world do to multinational corporations? Will your ESG efforts stand up to third-party certification? Have you integrated sustainability into your business decision-making? Is your business ready to employ AI and even sell to other AI agents?

“The 2030 Forecast” is the latest Ogilvy Red Paper to be published. Over a decade ago, Ogilvy launched The Red Papers in honor of David Ogilvy’s legacy of creating thought-provoking, paradigm-shifting thought leadership. As our premier content platform, The Red Papers spread the knowledge and insights developed by Ogilvy’s deep bench of talent across its global network.

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