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One Selecta scoop at a time — delivering happiness through the Grab superapp

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Mamang sorbertero is a neighborhood staple most Filipinos grew up with. The ring of their bells signals a most cherished time during the afternoons: a time of togetherness, joy, and laughter. This bond has carried the humble ice cream over to birthdays, family occasions, or any situation that required comfort.

In 2020, the Philippines, like the rest of the world, was hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and Filipinos, known to be generally happy people, were faced with the unhappy reality of having to stay away from loved ones. In fact, the World Happiness Index ranked the Philippines at #61, a drop from the #57 the previous year.

In response, leading ice cream brand Selecta chose to live up to its name and launched a campaign that made Filipinos choose happiness by sharing it with everyone.


“Happiness can be found within their communities,” said Hanna Diaz-Valencia, Enrique’s Client Services Director. “The ice cream business was challenged during the pandemic given that people were advised to stay at home and practice social distancing. These lessened the opportunities to socialize and get together with those who are important to us,” she added.

Change of scenery, change of pace

With lockdowns in place, mobility restrictions made it more difficult to physically get from one place to another. The solution came simple: work with the leading and one of the most active platforms during the pandemic in its mission to #ShareHapPinas – Grab.

The agency tapped its hero for the campaign, comedian Red Ollero, whose job of delivering happiness through stand-up comedy and skits, was interrupted.

While primarily known for its car services, the superapp maximized its offerings during the pandemic. In the online film, Red regained his gusto by delivering a new kind of happiness: tubs and packs of Selecta. From lonely grandparents to exhausted frontliners, his quest was fulfilled through sharing ice cream with others for every purchase, including the Grab delivery riders.

Creating human connections

“When we launched the campaign on International Ice Cream Day in July 2021, we aimed at driving renewed relevance for ice cream by using it as a means to help Filipinos create moments of happiness. We encouraged gifting ice cream to rekindle connections with their distant families, friends, and communities,” Hanna explained.

A study by the World Health Organization revealed that 66% of Filipinos finds happiness in human connections — connections that turned virtual while togetherness was compromised. The campaign started a movement, effectively turning Grab riders into mamang sorbeteros and scoops of ice cream as the new love language.

On being creative and innovative

The campaign earned its praises on social media, with celebrities tagging their loved ones to open up Grab and send out ice cream as well. To add the cherry on the sundae, Selecta #ShareHapPinas was also awarded the very first GrabAds Superapp Boomerang Award which stands for creativity, innovation, and effectiveness.

“We are proud of the work that we have done,” said Hanna. “It’s a humbling experience to be pioneering this award, and inspires us to continue doing great work.”

When asked how the superapp played into the campaign, she noted how impactful Grab was when it comes to the accessibility of their product, and awareness to its users: “Filipinos have experienced the ease, comfort and benefits of utilizing apps like Grab at their convenience. These have been integrated into our lifestyle.”

To take it a notch further, Selecta created a map that pins the locations reached by the campaign — showing how far Grab delivery riders went to deliver happiness.

In a socially distant time, kindness and warmth caught on (with no less than a favorite summer remedy) and through the Grab superapp, Selecta put happiness back on the map, one scoop at a time.

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