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WGSN calls out 13 consumer trends that will define 2023 and beyond

SINGAPOREWGSN, the global authority on trend forecasting, revealed the forecasts for consumer behavior and lifestyles in 2023 and beyond. A focus on versatility and the circular economy is set to shift the consumer landscape, alongside the continuity of consumer tech becoming embedded into all corners of our lives. 

According to Jess Tang, Senior Consultant of APAC at WGSN, “Asia-Pacific has experienced an unprecedented technological transformation over the past decade, and consumers are quick to adopt new digital technologies. Following a post-pandemic evolution, 2023 will see an increased emphasis on mental wellness and digital minimalism along with the rise of versatility and circular economy.” 

The key consumer insights to watch for in 2023 and beyond are:

  • The modular sneaker – Detachable and interchangeable components on sneakers and performance shoes are set to advance in the footwear market, translating into value for today’s cash-strapped consumers. 


  • Mindful gaming – Amid a culture impacted by mental health concerns, gaming will increasingly become a source for healing into 2023. Developers are starting to advance games as therapy and the trend will begin to influence product design and development for hardware, gaming accessories, and gaming environments.


  • Algae-based alternatives – Fast-growing, renewable super-solution algae will be increasingly relied upon to create lower-impact fibers, foams, and materials. It is emerging as an alternative to resource-intensive synthetics including polyester and nylon. 


  • Sea moss – The beauty industry loves a superfood, and in 2023 sea moss will emerge as the buzzy new ingredient to know. Driven by the multitude of beauty and holistic wellness benefits it can deliver, this multitasking ingredient will migrate to haircare, bath, and body, as well as beauty edibles. 


  • Fantasy fitness – Known variously as “entertainment” and “exergaming,” fitness continues to be one of the most popular use cases in VR (virtual reality) tech. In 2023 and beyond, we will also see the launch of programs that issue Web3 rewards for working out.


  • Uni flavor – Uni, the rich, creamy orange lobe (and only edible part) of sea urchins, will move beyond fine dining menus to more packaged goods in 2023. Innovators are harnessing its briny, umami flavor for fusion dishes and more affordable products are now being created for the masses. 


  • Sweaters for furniture – Consumers will dress and undress furniture and decor to renovate, update, customize, protect, and soften home goods for both outdoor and indoor spaces. By covering old and new furniture and fixtures with textiles and knits, consumers can bring color and tactility into interiors, and maximize the life of much-loved products with minimal cost.


  • Digital lavender – Already embedded in digital culture, this imaginative color will converge across the virtual and physical worlds in 2023. It will represent wellness, digital escapism, and stability, connecting with the growing focus on mental health. 

Developed using its proprietary methodology to identify the signals of change and evaluate, verify, and forecast trends, WGSN works with over 250 industry experts globally to map influencers, disruptors, and changemakers to deliver clear and specific action points. WGSN’s consumer sentiments are selected using WGSN’s unique STEPIC framework: examining changes in society, technology, the environment, politics, industry, and creativity to identify the macro forces that will drive the emotional sentiments in the years to come.


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