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Alex Bruce makes a statement on waiting for love with ‘Ayoko Pa’

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Filipino-American singer-songwriter and rapper Alex Bruce flexed her versatility in “Ayoko Pa,” a top-tier R&B jam produced by frequent collaborator Cursebox.

Over a bed of slick beats and catchy melodies, the 15-year-old artist called out her suitor for coming off way too strong, and emphasizes her decision to wait for love at the right time. “It’s a song that expresses my stand on not being ready for a commitment,” said the trend-setting singer-rapper. “I know my priorities, and I don’t reject people just because I don’t feel a connection or synergy. It’s just that I’m too young to enter into a relationship that would easily fizzle out.”


Reiterating her right to be treated with respect, the music virtuoso from Batangas saw this aggressive action as a red flag for most women. Alex reflected, “Sometimes all it takes is knowing when to take a hint. When someone says no, learn how to respect the decision and back off.”

The release of “Ayoko Pa” was accompanied by a colorful visual that showcased Alex Bruce’s stand on prioritizing life outside of a romantic relationship. Starring rising rapper Benedic Fragata and TikTok personalities Yvon and Achi, the music video also introduced Bruce as an all-around performer who is able to rock out in seamless choreography.

“I’m also very much involved in the creative aspects of the video,” shared Alex. “It’s a collaborative process to begin with, and it helps that everyone on the set really gave their all. Props to the director, talents, and crew behind this production.”

Alex Bruce’s Ayoko Pa is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.

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