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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf strengthens commitment to reforestation

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Reforestation is often thought to mean just planting seeds. What most don’t know is that most of the process requires the expertise and constant hard work of forest rangers. In light of this, coffee shop chain The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf got a glimpse of the life of a forest ranger when they visited Mt. Balagbag at Ipo Watershed, Rizal. This was made possible by Philippine Parks & Biodiversity and Eco Explorations.

In the team’s visit, they discovered how crucial it is to prioritize Ipo Watershed as 96% of Metro Manila’s water supply comes from Ipo Watershed. Knowing that one of the most densely populated areas in the country is heavily reliant on one area has reinforced that there is a strong need for reforestation.


In the same way that Metro Manila heavily relies on Ipo Watershed, Ipo Watershed’s reforestation also heavily relies on our forest rangers. The work that they do is not only difficult but can also be dangerous.

This is why CBTL focuses on helping and spreading awareness that to attain successful reforestation we must care for the rangers and the work that they do. With their “A Tumbler For Tomorrow” campaign, you are not only purchasing a tumbler, but you are also donating to the cause and helping spread awareness.

Find out more about this campaign by clicking here. Follow CBTL on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn or viist their website.  

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