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Backyard Productions welcomes renowned director Jennifer Davick to its creative roster

The director and photographer explores flavor, style and culture through her lens.

LOS ANGELES, USA — Production house Backyard Productions has added the highly sought-after table-top and live-action director Jennifer Davick to its roster of talented creatives. Jennifer brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Backyard’s impressive and diverse bench and will be a valuable asset in creating exceptional food, lifestyle, and product content for Backyard‘s clients.

With over 15 years of experience, Jennifer has established herself as a renowned director in the industry, having worked on numerous high-profile campaigns for major brands such as Food Network, Starbucks, State Farm, Captain Morgan, Publix, Sara Lee, Pepperidge Farm, FreshDirect, and Kikkoman, among others. Her unique vision and attention to detail have earned her critical acclaim and numerous accolades for both her motion and photographic work, including C2A for the category of TV/Film/Animation/Promotional Video, NYC Food Film Festival for “Best Food Porn,” and the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year in the “Food Film Shorts” category.

Jennifer Davick

Jennifer‘s vision statement speaks to her dedication to storytelling and her ability to create memorable and emotionally resonant content. “My work is all about telling stories through food that connect people,” said Jennifer. “I believe that a good story, told well, can create a powerful connection between brands and audiences.”


Backyard Productions President Kevin Allodi shared, “We’ve long sought a smart table-top director addition to our roster, and we were beyond thrilled to have Jennifer say ‘Yes!’ to working with us. Her incredible talent and experience in table-top and live-action directing adds a new dimension to our creative offerings; she also owns Ingredient Studios, a 3,750-sf full-service L.A.-based creative studio designed for large and small food, product, beauty, and lifestyle film production and photography, is icing on the cake that we can leverage to our client’s advantage.  We can’t wait to see what we’ll accomplish together.”

Jennifer’s addition signals Backyard’s continued commitment to its DEI initiatives while maintaining the high level of quality film content and production services clients have come to expect. The team at Backyard looks forward to working with Jennifer to create unforgettable campaigns that will captivate audiences and elevate brands to new heights.

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