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WARC Awards for Effectiveness and LIONS unveil this year’s shortlists

A total of 113 campaigns for 31 markets shortlisted across 11 categories. A global marketing effectiveness benchmark like no other, the Awards are judged using the WARC/LIONS Creative Effectiveness and B2B Effectiveness Ladders 

LONDON, UK — The shortlists are announced for the WARC Awards for Effectiveness 2023, in association with LIONS. Now in its third year, this global competition recognizes the best marketing campaigns that deliver commercial impact.

Each of the 11 categories has been judged by a high-caliber international jury, who have applied the WARC/LIONS Creative Effectiveness Ladder and the WARC/LIONS B2B Effectiveness Ladder, unique tools providing a consistent approach and global language to benchmark effectiveness.

John Bizzell, Awards Lead at WARC, said, “We are delighted to announce the shortlists for this year’s WARC Awards for Effectiveness following the first stage of our rigorous judging process.


“Our international panels, made up of 80 industry experts, have applied the universal frameworks of the Creative Effectiveness and B2B Effectiveness Ladders to reach a shortlist of 113 campaigns from 31 different markets with a wide range of global and local brands represented.

“Data-driven insights, strategic thinking, and brilliant creative execution run across the shortlisted campaigns, but this year the judges were particularly excited to see a diversification in media formats and channels, as well as technology being used to surprise and delight consumers.”

Brand Purpose category

A total of 12 campaigns have been shortlisted in this category, honoring marketing initiatives that have successfully embraced a brand purpose and achieved commercial success as well as the benefit for the wider community. The jury was chaired by Chiradeep Gupta, VP, Personal Care Head of Media and Global Integrated Media Strategy Lead, Unilever.

Shortlisted brands include Dell, Dove, Lifebuoy, Southern Cross Pet Insurance, and Vancity. India has four campaigns shortlisted, one of which also ran in Singapore. The USA also has four shortlisted campaigns. There is one each for Canada, New Zealand, Nigeria, and the Philippines.

Business-to-Business category

Judging effective campaigns from one business targeting another, the jury, chaired by Wendy Walker, VP Marketing ASEAN at Salesforce, have shortlisted a total of eight entries. The US leads with three shortlisted campaigns, India follows with two. Argentina, Sweden and the UK each have one.

Shortlisted brands include Globant, H&M Foundation, IBM, Pergraphica and Zomato.

Channel integration category (new)

Added to the global awards this year, this category rewards entries that can show how sophisticated communications architecture and cross-channel planning have helped to boost campaign effectiveness. The jury was chaired by Ross Sergeant, Global Head of Media at Allwyn Entertainment.

Six campaigns have made the shortlist for brands including Alula, Ebay, Kids Help Phone and Nissan. The United Kingdom has three shortlisted entries. Canada, France and Saudi Arabia each have one.

Channel Pioneer category (new)

This category rewards pioneering media practices, including the leveraging of emerging platforms, innovative uses of existing media, and efforts to invest in a conscious approach to media.

Chaired by Beatrice Boue, Global Head of Media at De Beers, the jury has selected seven campaigns for the shortlist for brands including Coca-Cola, Fanta Single-Serve, IKEA, K-Lynn, and Partners Life.

New Zealand and the UAE both have two shortlisted campaigns. Brazil, Mexico/United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia each have one.

Cultural Impact category

Awarding strategies and instances of brands entering or impacting on culture that can demonstrate a business outcome, the jury chaired by Jennifer Healan,VP of US Marketing, Brand Content, and Engagement at McDonald’s, has shortlisted 12 submissions.

The UK leads with three entries shortlisted, followed by India and the UAE with two. Canada, Kenya, the Philippines, and the USA have one each. There is one global campaign that ran in the UK, USA, Senegal, and South Africa.

Shortlisted brands include Ford, Maya, Michelob Ultra, Roto Tanks, Twitter, UNICEF, and Vim.

Customer Experience

Campaigns for Acura, BRP, KFC, Listerine, and the Tourism Authority of Thailand are among the nine entries for eight different markets that have made the shortlist. Campaigns ran in Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, The Netherlands, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the USA.

Awarding new ways of engaging with consumers and innovative experiences created to connect and immerse on the path to commercial success, the category was judged by a panel of 14 industry experts chaired by Jennifer Healan, VP of US Marketing, Brand Content, and Engagement at McDonald’s.

Instant Impact category

Awarding short-term campaigns (with a duration of six months or less) that led directly to a sales increase, the jury, chaired by Vasileios Kourakis, Global Marketing ROI Director and Media Lead, Consumer Product Division, L’Oréal, has shortlisted 26 entries.

The US leads with five shortlisted entries. Australia and Canada have three each, followed by Egypt, New Zealand and the UAE each with two. Brazil, Colombia, France, India, Singapore, Spain, and Sweden all have one entry shortlisted. One campaign ran in Germany and Hungary.

Shortlisted brands include Heinz, Income Insurance, Nescafé, Mastercard, McDonald’s, and Pot Noodle.

Long-term Growth category

Campaigns for Aldi, Back Market, ING Australia, Pirinsko, and Uber Eats are among the seven entries for five markets – Australia, Bulgaria, France, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom – that have made the shortlist.

Awarding campaigns that have invested in building a brand over time (12 months or more), the category was judged by a panel of industry professionals chaired by Vasileios Kourakis, Global Marketing ROI Director and Media Lead, Consumer Product Division, L’Oréal.

Partnerships & Sponsorships category (new)

This category rewards entries that show how collaborations with third parties, including native advertising, sponsorships, and influencer marketing, have helped brands meet business goals. The jury was chaired by Simon Peel, VP of Global media at Haleon.

Thirteen campaigns are shortlisted for brands including adidas, Always, AstraZeneca, Mercedes Benz, and Pepsi. The USA leads with four shortlisted entries. The United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom have two. Colombia, France, New Zealand, and The Philippines have one. There is one regional campaign that ran in Lebanon and the UAE.

Path-to-Purchase category (new)

Campaigns for Anlene, Carrefour, Comfort, and Ferrero Rocher are included in the six shortlisted entries for six different markets – China, Romania, UAE, UK, USA, and Vietnam.

This category awards how brands have used omnichannel strategies to optimize the customer journey across the funnel, and was judged by a panel led by Ross Sergeant, Global Head of Media, Allwyn Entertainment.

Use of Data (new)

A total of seven campaigns have been shortlisted in this category recognising the role of data in an effective communications strategy. The inaugural global jury was chaired by Beatrice Boue, Global Head of Media, De Beers.

Shortlisted brands include Black & Abroad, Lay’s, Mercado Libre, and Testicular Cancer Society. The UAE has two campaigns shortlisted. There is one each for Argentina, Canada, India, Spain, and Sweden.

The winners of the Bronze and Silver awards for all eleven categories will be announced on June 15 at the Effectiveness Show part one. The Gold and Grands Prix winners will be revealed during the Effectiveness Show part two, broadcast online from Cannes Lions on Monday, June 19, at 09:30 CET.

More information on the WARC Awards for Effectiveness is available here.

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